All Game Modes in Fly Corp: Airline Manager


Fly Corp is a new airline manager game that lets you own, run and develop your very own airport networks and strive to grow them into the biggest and largest in history.

You can develop these networks and own planes in various countries and cities all around the world. And if all the cities you currently operate aren’t enough, and you need to expand, you can open new routes, buy new plans then increase your airport capacity as well.


So in this article we’ll be listing all of the game modes in Fly Corp: Airline Manager in order to help you understand how each of them works.

The game offers 3 game modes that you can play which includes: Unlock All Countries, Free Play and Scenarios.

Unlock All Countries


In this mode, your goal is a tough but exciting one. You have to open or as the name states, you have to unlock all countries in the world and try to cover the entire game map with your airline’s network.

It is a very challenging mode because if you fail to unlock a new country every six minutes, you’ll lose the game and will have to start all over.

Free Play


In this mode, there’s no rush or pressure. If you love idle tycoon games, then look no further than the Free Play mode. In this mode you get to develop and grow your airplane network in as many countries as you like with no limits.

The only challenge in this mode is the one you place on yourself. Can you go on to become the best airplane typhoon in the world? Then give the Free Play mode a go!



The Scenarios mode is filled with various cases with their certain pre-set goals and conditions that you need to reach. For instance, your airline should generate a specific amount of money or survive for some period of time.

Each of the scenarios are unique and in some cases you’ll need to quickly connect constantly unlocking airports or rebuild an existing air transport network due to virus outbreaks in the country where it’s operated.


Those are the 3 exciting most that you can enjoy in Fly Corp: Airline Manager. It has something for every time of idle tycoon player and you’ll definitely get a kick out of this one.

We hope this article has been helpful to you in learning about the game modes in Fly Corp. Happy gaming!

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All Game Modes in Fly Corp: Airline Manager


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