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All English Voice Actors in Fire Emblem Engage

All English Voice Actors in Fire Emblem Engage
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The newest entry in the long-running Fire Emblem franchise, Fire Emblem Engage, offers a plentitude of unique characters, each voiced by some of the most prominent voice actors in the industry. 

There’s no denying it! We all fall in love with video game characters and their voices. And Fire Emblem Engage is no exception. Despite having an overwhelming number of characters in the form of NPCs, Emblems, Enemies, Protagonists, playable characters, and others, the game doesn’t cut corners when it comes to bringing the 3D characters to life through phenomenal voice acting. 

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Seeing that many in the community are eager to learn about all English voice actors in Fire Emblem Engage.

All English Voice Actors in Fire Emblem Engage

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Here is the complete list of English voice actors in Fire Emblem Engage:

  • Brandon McInnis: Alear (Male)
  • Laura Megan Stahl: Alear (Female)
  • Afi Ekulona: Seforia
  • Alexis Tipton: Lucina
  • Amber Connor: Hortensia
  • Brian Timothy Anderson: Rosado
  • Brittney Karbowski: Citrinne
  • Brook Chalmers: Hyacinth
  • Caitlyn Elizabeth: Calney
  • Cassie Ewulu: Saphir
  • Chris Hackney: Dimitri
  • Cristine Valenzuela: Merrin
  • Colleen O’Shaughnessey: Jean
  • Dani Chambers: Timerra
  • David Matranga: Zelkov
  • Elizabeth Maxwell: Zephia
  • Joe Hernandez: Boucheron
  • Joe Zieja: Claude
  • Jonah Scott: Sean
  • Josh Petersdorf: Morion
  • Julia McIlvaine: Lumera
  • Justin Briner: Clanne
  • Kaitlyn Robrock: Chloe
  • Katelyn Gault: Jade
  • Khoi Dao: Kagetsu
  • Kimberly Woods: Lapis
  • Kira Buckland: Eirika
  • Laura Post: Yunaka
  • Erica Lindbeck: Celica
  • Micah Solusod: Alcryst
  • Monica Rial: Anna
  • Nick Wolfhard: Alfred
  • Nicolas Roye: Leif
  • Parker Way: Amber
  • Rachelle Heger: Celine
  • Erik Braa: Sombron
  • Frank Todaro: Nelucce
  • Gavin Hammon: Mauvier
  • Grant George: Sigurd
  • Greg Chun: Ike Ephraim
  • Griffin Puatu: Seadall
  • Ian Sinclair: Bunet
  • J. Michael Tatum: Louis
  • James Wade: Lindon
  • Jamison Boaz: Griss
  • Jason Vande Brake: Vander
  • Lise Reimold: Framme
  • Marcella Lentz-Pope: Corrin
  • Maureen Price: Goldmary
  • Megan Hollingshead: Eve
  • Megan Taylor Harvey: Veyle
  • Mela Lee: Tiki
  • Melissa Hutchison: Panette
  • Ray Chase: Roy
  • Reba Buhr: Ivy
  • Ricco Fajardo: Pandero
  • Sarah Anne Williams: Marni
  • Stephen Fu: Diamant
  • Tara Platt: Edelgard
  • Trina Nishimura: Etie
  • Veronica Taylor: Micaiah
  • Wendee Lee: Lyn
  • Yuri Lowenthal: Marth
  • Zach Aguilar: Byleth
  • Zeno Robinson: Fogado

That concludes our guide on all English voice actors in Fire Emblem Engage. 

Fire Emblem Engage is available on Nintendo Switch. For more on Fire Emblem Engage, check out our dedicated guides section. 

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All English Voice Actors in Fire Emblem Engage


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