All Characters in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Full Character List


Theatrhythm Final Bar Line includes over 100 characters you will know and love from your favorite Final Fantasy games. Each has their own style and is one of 7 types: physical, magic, defense, healing, summon, hunter, and support. Find the full list below of all characters in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – full character list.

Every Playable Character in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

Characters are obtained by playing through the Series Quest mode and when each respective series is unlocked then the hero you require will be available. Once the series is cleared entirely then the villains will also be available. There are 104 characters altogether and each is listed below, including the Final Fantasy series they come from, and which type they are.

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Theatrhythm Final Bar Line Gameplay
NameTypeOriginal Game
GarlandPhysicalFinal Fantasy
FirionPhysicalFinal Fantasy II
LeonPhysicalFinal Fantasy II
KainPhysicalFinal Fantasy IV
BartzPhysicalFinal Fantasy V
GalufPhysicalFinal Fantasy V
FarisPhysicalFinal Fantasy V
GilgameshPhysicalFinal Fantasy V
CloudPhysicalFinal Fantasy VII
TifaPhysicalFinal Fantasy VII
Red XIIIPhysicalFinal Fantasy VII
SephirothPhysicalFinal Fantasy VII
Cloud #2PhysicalFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children
Tifa #2PhysicalFinal Fantasy VII Advent Children
ZackPhysicalFinal Fantasy VII
SquallPhysicalFinal Fantasy VIII
LagunaPhysicalFinal Fantasy VIII
TidusPhysicalFinal Fantasy X
JechtPhysicalFinal Fantasy X
PainePhysicalFinal Fantasy X-2
PrishePhysicalFinal Fantasy XI
BalthierPhysicalFinal Fantasy XII
LightningPhysicalFinal Fantasy XIII
NoelPhysicalFinal Fantasy XIII-2
YdaPhysicalFinal Fantasy XIV
NoctisPhysicalFinal Fantasy XV
AraneaPhysicalFinal Fantasy XV
BenjaminPhysicalFinal Fantasy Mystic Quest
AgriasPhysicalFinal Fantasy Tactics
OrlandeauPhysicalFinal Fantasy Tactics
ChaosPhysicalDissidia Final Fantasy
MachinaPhysicalFinal Fantasy Type-0
WolPhysicalMorbius Final Fantasy
MariaMagicFinal Fantasy II
The EmperorMagicFinal Fantasy II
Cloud of DarknessMagicFinal Fantasy III
GolbezMagicFinal Fantasy IV
KrileMagicFinal Fantasy V
ExdeathMagicFinal Fantasy V
TerraMagicFinal Fantasy VI
KefkaMagicFinal Fantasy VI
VincentMagicFinal Fantasy VII
EdeaMagicFinal Fantasy VIII
UltimeciaMagicFinal Fantasy VIII
ViviMagicFinal Fantasy IX
KujaMagicFinal Fantasy IX
SeymourMagicFinal Fantasy X
ShantottoMagicFinal Fantasy XI
AsheMagicFinal Fantasy XII
HopeMagicFinal Fantasy XIII
Cid RainesMagicFinal Fantasy XIII
SerahMagicFinal Fantasy XIII-2
Lightning #2MagicLightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIIII
AlphinaudMagicFinal Fantasy XIV
Y’shtola #2MagicFinal Fantasy XIV
SpiritusMagicDissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-
AceMagicFinal Fantasy Type-0
KurusameMagicFinal Fantasy Type-0
TyroMagicFinal Fantasy Record Keeper
Warrior of LightDefenseFinal Fantasy
GuyDefenseFinal Fantasy II
CidDefenseFinal Fantasy III
CecilDefenseFinal Fantasy IV
EdgarDefenseFinal Fantasy VI
CelesDefenseFinal Fantasy VI
BarretDefenseFinal Fantasy VII
SeiferDefenseFinal Fantasy VIII
AuronDefenseFinal Fantasy X
GabranthDefenseFinal Fantasy XII
SnowDefenseFinal Fantasy XIII
GladiolusDefenseFinal Fantasy XV
RamzaDefenseFinal Fantasy Tactics
Princess SarahHealingFinal Fantasy
MinwuHealingFinal Fantasy II
RoasHealingFinal Fantasy IV
LennaHealingFinal Fantasy V
AerithHealingFinal Fantasy VII
VanilleHealingFinal Fantasy XIII
Y’shtolaHealingFinal Fantasy XIV
IgnisHealingFinal Fantasy XV
RemHealingFinal Fantasy Type-0
RydiaSummonFinal Fantasy IV
GarnetSummonFinal Fantasy IX
EikoSummonFinal Fantasy IX
YunaSummonFinal Fantasy X
Onion KnightHunterFinal Fantasy III
EdgeHunterFinal Fantasy IV
LockeHunterFinal Fantasy VI
YuffieHunterFinal Fantasy VII
ZidaneHunterFinal Fantasy IX
RikkuHunterFinal Fantasy X-2
FranHunterFinal Fantasy XII
ThancredHunterFinal Fantasy XIV
PromptoHunterFinal Fantasy XV
MogSupportFinal Fantasy VI
RinoaSupportFinal Fantasy VIII
Yuna #2SupportFinal Fantasy X-2
AphmauSupportFinal Fantasy IX
LilisetteSupportFinal Fantasy XI
VaanSupportFinal Fantasy XII
CiaranSupportFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
CosmosSupportDissidia Final Fantasy
MateriaSupportDissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-
ChocoboSupportFinal Fantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon

That is the full list of playable characters in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line! Find out more in our Theatrhythm Final Bar Line guide section!

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All Characters in Theatrhythm Final Bar Line – Full Character List


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