All Block Types and How to Destroy Them in Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread

Metroid Dread features a very big map that players will have to explore almost fully to reach the final boss and escape from Planet ZDR, and to do, you will have to complete a variety of navigational puzzles that often involve destroying special types of blocks.

Here are all of the blocks found in Metroid Dread and how to destroy them.

All Block Types and How to Destroy Them in Metroid Dread

There are 9 different block types in Metroid Dread, and they are all destroyed using a specific type of weapon or special ability, with the exception of Pitfall Blocks, which can be destroyed even by just stepping on them.

BlocksDescriptionHow to Destroy
Beam BlockBlock with a glowing circleAny attack
Missile BlockBlock with a missile in the centerAny Missile attack
Bomb BlockBlock with a Morph Ball symbolAny Bomb attack
Pitfall BlockBlock with a cracked circle Step on it, or any attack
Black BlockRegular black blockAny attack
Speed Booster BlockOrange block with an arrow on itSpeed Booster ability
Screw Attack BlockBlock with a thunder on itScrew Attack
Grapple Beam BlockBlock with a glowing triangleGrapple Beam
Wide Beam BoxHuge box with three linesWide Beam

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All Block Types and How to Destroy Them in Metroid Dread


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