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All Backpack Battles Recipes – The Complete Guide

All Backpack Battles Recipes – The Complete Guide
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There’s all sorts of colorful items to use in Backpack Battles, but did you know that certain items can combine into stronger items? Discovering lots of item recipes is the key to victory in Backpack Battles!

Backpack Battles is a creative auto-battler RPG that focuses on inventory management. Your hero fights with the items and weapons inside their backpack automatically, but when certain items are placed in specific positions, special effects can occur, and some items can fuse into a super item! We’ll show you everything you need to know in our Backpack Battles all recipes complete guide.

What are item recipes in Backpack Battles?

You can combine two items in Backpack Battles to create a stronger item. There’s no hints or indications on what you can fuse together, so normally you’d have to resort to trial and error, but we’ll save you the time with our recipes guide.

In order to fuse two items together, you need to place them next to each other in your inventory. If you see a glowing orange line connecting the two items, that means they’re compatible! Be patient, as items won’t fuse until after the next battle.

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The resulting item is usually a combination of both items’ effects, plus a new bonus effect. For example, the Spiked Shield, which is the Wooden Shield and Walrus Tusk fused, grants the block and spike effects.

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All item recipes in Backpack Battles

Here are all the item recipes that are currently in the game. Keep in mind that a few recipes are character-specific, which we’ll indicate in the results.

Item 1Item 2Result
Wooden SwordWhetstone x 2Hero Sword
Hero SwordWhetstone x 2Hero Longsword
Hero SwordGloves of Haste x 2Falcon Sword
Falcon SwordHero LongswordCrossblades
Hungry BladeMana OrbManathirst
Hungry BladeThorn WhipBloodthorne
DaggerMana OrbSpectral Dagger
DaggerBlood AmuletBloody Dagger
DaggerPestilence FlaskPoison Dagger
Walrus TuskGloves of HasteClaws of Attack
Walrus TuskWooden BucklerSpiked Shield
Blood AmuletLeather ArmorVampiric Armor
Blood AmuletGloves of HasteVampiric Gloves
Demonic FlaskLightsaberDarksaber
PanCorrupted CrystalPandamonium
PanHeroic PotionEggscalibur
Heroic PotionBananaStrong Heroic Potion
Armor PotionRock x 2Strong Armor Potion
Health PotionHealing Herbs x 2Strong Healing Potion
BroomMana OrbMagic Staff
Magic StaffAcorn CollarCritwood Staff (Ranger)
Magic StaffDemonic FlaskWand of Unhealing
Ruby WhelpHoly Fire Lizard CardRuby Chonk (Reaper)
PiggybankHammer5 Gold
PiggybankLucky Clover x 2Lucky Piggy
GoobertLightsaberLight Goobert
GoobertHero SwordSteel Goobert
GoobertFly Argaric x 2Poison Goobert (Reaper)
GoobertBlood AmuletBlood Goobert
GoobertAll four Goobert variantsRainbow Goobert Omegaooze Primeslime

Those are all Backpack Battles recipes. Which item combinations are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below.

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All Backpack Battles Recipes – The Complete Guide