Alchemy Stars is one of the hottest titles of the summer. Since its global release in June, the game has had over a million downloads on Google Play Store alone.

In this article, we are going to talk about the basics when it comes to team building in Alchemy Stars, as well as some of the best Aurorian formations. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

In order for players to advance further into the story, attention should be given to creating the perfect Aurorian formation. Players’ formation can make their gaming experience a lot easier if it’s been built the “right way,” or a lot harder if they just ‘throw in’ random Aurorians that don’t work well together.

As most “pros” around the internet suggest, the monochrome team is the easiest and safest way to start your adventure in Alchemy Stars. But why is that? And what is “monochrome” team?

First things first, a monochrome team is an Aurorian formation of a single attribute, or a full Water, Thunder, Fire, or Earth team. And the reason as to why this is the easiest and safest way to start your Alchemy Stars adventure is because of a couple of reasons.

Creating an Aurorian Formation

According to the game’s veteran players (people who were playing Alchemy Stars before its global release), the optimal way of creating a party is by combining 2 tile convert units with one support Aurorian (heal unit for the story mode and a buffer ideally for other content), a flex unit along with a captain/DPS character of a different element.

Best free-to-play team comp

This is considered to be the most free-to-play friendly team comp. The reason is the decent free water units players receive by completing exploration stages. Vice, the Aurorian players start the game with, is a nice ranged damage unit that can hit multiple targets with her chain combos. Ms. Blanc, a free convert unit that is a staple in most water teams, works great with Vice and Zoya, another free support healer Aurorian. These 3 Aurorians are the core for a free-to-play player.

About Team Captains

Team Captain is by default the first Aurorian of the formation. Aurorian captain(s) can do damage on any tile color and trigger their chain skills. Players can change their team’s captain three times during a battle.

Water Attribute

  • Michael ( Thunder, Damage, Captain )
  • Ms. Blanc (Converter, Melee, AoE )
  • Sariel (Converter)
  • Kleken (Converter )
  • Raphael (Support )

For Sprite challenge, Zoya can be replaced with Hydrad and Michael with Vice or Sharonna.

  • Sharonna (Water/Fire, Damage-Teleport, Captain)
  • Constantine (Damage, Ranged)
  • Sariel (Converter, Ranged)
  • Ms. Blanc (Converter, AoE melee)
  • Zoya (Support)

Fire Attribute

Fire teams are considered to be the most expensive teams. That is because the core Aurorians are 5 and 6 stars. In general, fire attribute teams have the best damage in-game and Aurorians of that element have many AoE skills. A potential problem is the lack of any good heal unit. Alice is one solid heal option for fire parties.

  • Charon (Captain)
  • Istvan (Support)
  • Uriel (Converter)
  • Faust (Converter)
  • Maggie (Converter)

Something worth mentioning: Brock is a very solid 4-star Aurorian with an ability that can pull every enemy unit towards him. That makes him a very good choice for stages that players want to farm over and over.

Earth Attribute

In general, Earth attribute teams are not considered beginner-friendly. Earth Aurorians’ main strength is their mobility. In order to take full advantage of it, players must plan their next moves in advance.

  • Midgard (Damage, Captain)
  • Nikinis (Converter)
  • Pact ( Converter)
  • Shikare (Converter)
  • Louise (Support)

This is a very flexible team comp with pretty high damage. Players can switch Midgard and Shikare as leaders depending on the kind of content.

Thunder attribute

Thunder mono team is something like a “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of deal. It does everything well, but nothing exceptionally. With that said, if you have Michael, she’s one of the best Aurorians in-game. Her active skill gives you movement combined with a lot of area damage, and her chain skill can be a very big area of effect.

  • Michael (Damage-Teleport, Captain)
  • Nemesis (Converter)
  • Beverly (Converter)
  • Irridon (Converter)
  • Gonru (Converter)

In Alchemy Stars, there are many team comps that are viable. There are some units that are exceptionally strong, but even without such Aurorians, players can progress easily if they have an idea about how to build their formation.

As a general rule, regardless of attribute, use your ‘best’ damage unit as your team’s captain and support it with Aurorians that can change the color of the tiles as well as a healer. Switch healer with another support character depending on the kind of content you are clearing.

If you think that we’ve missed something, or you have any questions regarding Alchemy Stars and how to build your team, let us know in the comment section down below.

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