Alchemy Stars is a tactical RPG with gacha elements by TourDog Studio. You build a team of five characters named Aurorians who are each based on one of the four elements, and guide them through battles. Each player takes it in turns to guide their characters along tiled paths, clearing stages, and growing in strength as they go.

Once you have cleared stage 4-14 you will unlock the Spire and find it available on your exploration menu. From here you can access the four spires and clear each stage to reap your rewards.

The four spires are based on the game’s four elemental attributes:

  • Frost Spire – Water
  • Molten Spire – Fire
  • Emerald Spire – Forest
  • Thunderbolt Spire – Thunder

Each spire consists of floors you will need to complete to reach the top of the spire, gaining rewards as you go. Floors can be repeated but you will not gain any rewards for doing so.

There are 80 floors altogether for you to attempt to beat and they get harder as you climb higher. Your characters will need to be very strong so try to get them maxed out before you attempt to climb the spires.

Your team will need to match the elemental attribute of the spire—for instance, the Emerald Spire will only allow Forest Aurorians to battle through its floors. You will also want your team to be a strong mix of skills such as healers, converters, and snipers. It is worth leaving the spire battles until you have maxed out many of your characters. Visit our recommended best characters guide for Alchemy Stars best 6-star Aurorians we think could help complete the spires.

Spire Rewards

You are rewarded every time you complete a floor within a spire, with a total of 320 stages to complete. Possible rewards for completing the spires includes:

  • Nightium – the game’s main currency
  • Elemental Jaspers – provide level up bonuses
  • Ascension Materials – increases character’s ascension level which, in turn, increases their stats and max level cap.

Alchemy Stars is available to play on IOS and Android.

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