Alchemy Stars’ Sands of Time Event Overview


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The popular tile-based RPG Alchemy Stars, celebrates the winter holidays with brand new mechanics, new Aurorians and a lot of free in-game rewards in the latest event, Sands of Time. Between December 23rd and January 10th, players will be able to partake in the event stages and throughout most of January they can also take part in the latest Special Event Book, Phase 4.

With the event currently underway, this is everything you need to know in order to make the most out of it:

The Sands of Time Event

This two-part event will run from December 23 until January 10, and it is divided in two parts. The first one, Northland Journey, and the second one, Trial of the Aurora. Both of these parts will require Action Points for the event. 1 Action Point recovers every 4 hours, up to a maximum of 30.

The second part, Trial of the Aurora, is just like Northland Journey, but will become available on December 28. The Aurorian Trials will feature exclusive character backstories, for some of the newest Aurorians in Alchemy Stars: Bethlehem, the Queen of the North, Novio, and Lola.

By clearing all these event stages players will be rewarded with 2000 Lumamber and 2 Special Star Flares.

New minigame Lake Mirror Codeword

Each day players will be able to answer one daily question about the game in the Lake Mirror Codeword questionnaire. The minigame will run for several days, from January 4th until January 13th, with a new question coming up every day. Players have 3 chances to answer it correctly, and by correctly answering seven questions, players will earn 420 Lumamber.

The Cedar Market

Completing the event stages grants players Mistletoe, a currency used to exchange in the Cedar Market. From here, a new free Aurorian, Lola, will be available, as well as her Solambers and a ton more rewards, including furniture, breakthrough materials and Special Star Flares.

Event Exclusive Login Rewards

For each day the player wil log into the game during the Sands of Time event, they can claim some free rewards to use for upgrading their roster of Aurorians. They are as follows:

  • Day 1 : Mistletoe ×500, General Jasper II ×5
  • Day 2: Lumamber ×100, Nightium ×5,000
  • Day 3: Mistletoe ×1,000, Recharger Pack ×1
  • Day 4: Lumamber ×200, Anonymous Gift I ×3
  • Day 5: 5-Star Aurorian Robyn, Nightium ×10,000
  • Day 6: Chromera ×5, Recharger Pack ×2
  • Day 7: Mistletoe ×2,000, Anonymous Gift I ×4
  • Day 8: Lumamber ×500, Queen’s Astonishment (exclusive event avatar) ×1

Furthermore, logging in and reaching 60 Activity between January 6 until January 13, players will also receive 600 Lumamber and some upgrade materials.

New free and purchasable outfits available!

There will be 4 new outfits added together with the event, 2 of which are free to obtain, and 2 which can be purchased from the in-game store.

  • The Stoic Coachman Nails outfit will be available from 1 Free Special Event Book
  • Night to Remember Areia outfit will be available from 1 Paid Special Event Book
  • Mirror Mirror Victoria outfit will be available in the in-game store with Lumocrystals
  • Naughty or Nice Gronru outfit will be available via the Christmas Discount Pack (together with 10 Special Star Flares).

Revamped mechanics for recruiting new Aurorians

Obtaining the featured event Aurorian will now be easier, since a new ‘pity system’ has been introduced. Each time you recruit 2 non-featured 6-star Aurorians, the next 6-star one summoned will be guaranteed the featured event Aurorian.

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Alchemy Stars’ Sands of Time Event Overview


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