Air Roll Guide: Rocket League Sideswipe


Rocket League Sideswipe is a soccer and racing game. But instead of a team of football players, you drive a car to score a huge ball into the opponent’s goal. To do this, you use different tricks and movements. And in this guide, we’ll talk about one of the most important tricks.

How to Air Roll

There are many different tricks in Rocket League Sideswipe, some need to be learned for a long time, while others are necessary to win matches. Air Roll fits into the second category as it is easy to learn.

And so, to begin with, direct your joystick up and hold it there. Then press the Boost button, the button with two fires. You can hold the Boost button or press it frequently. For more control, we recommend tapping the button frequently, which will allow you to take your Air Roll to the next level.

Then, when you are in the air, double-tap on the joystick and you will start Air Roll. By tilting the joystick in different directions, you can control your flight while continuing to roll.

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Using this trick, you can kick the ball into the opponent’s goal, literally fluttering like a butterfly.

The main secret of this technique is that you must not let go of the joystick even when you are on the ground. Because then you can continue Air Roll without repeating the previous steps.

Also, we do not recommend using Air Roll if you want to make a flipper set, as it will make everything much more difficult. Well, we hope this guide was useful for you.

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Air Roll Guide: Rocket League Sideswipe


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