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Aion Classic Classes Tier List | Best Classes in the Game

Aion Classic Classes Tier List | Best Classes in the Game
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It doesn’t matter whether you’re an Asmodian or an Elyos—Aion Classic is all about classes in the end. While the eternal war between two races from different sides of the shattered world of Atreia rages on, your part in the bigger picture will be heavily influenced by the class you choose at the beginning.

Aion Classic doesn’t give you too many options at first as there are only four classes, but things get more complicated at level 10 where you need to select your subclass too. If you’re just starting this beautiful MMORPG, you should check out our Aion Classic classes tier list which will help you identify the best class in the game for you.

Aion Classic Classes Tier List

The following table contains all currently available subclasses ranked based on our experience with PvP gameplay. As Technist and Muse with their subclasses are not available in Aion Classic, we have omitted them from this tier list.

While you could argue that any of these options could be considered S tier depending on the quality of the gear you can get your hands on, we tried to look at them from all angles, and here are the results.

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STemplar, Assassin
AGladiator, Sorcerer, Ranger
BCleric, Spiritmaster

The Best Classes in Aion Classic

Templar Aion Classic
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Even though Templars are heavily gear-dependent when it comes to their performance, we have selected them as one of the best classes in Aion Classic. This is mostly due to their tank status and the fact that—sooner or later—you do obtain some solid pieces of gear that will help you further with this class. But don’t let their tank-iness fool you—Templars can do some serious damage as well. And even if you’re playing in a group, Templars are indispensable as protectors of the more vulnerable party members, like Spiritmasters or Sorcerers. You can upgrade their already powerful defenses even further with special skills and Plate Armor.

On the other hand, we also had a lot of fun playing with Assassins. Those who prefer a more covert approach to combat but still desire fast and powerful results should go for this melee class. Assassins have excellent burst damage meaning that they will be able to get in there and finish off the opponent before they know it. However, their attacks are not as powerful against big tanks like Templars.

There you have it—those are the best classes in Aion Classic in our opinion. Keep in mind that new game updates tend to change the power of certain classes. Also, new classes are coming our way—the next patch will introduce Revenants, which may affect our tier list, so stay tuned!

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Aion Classic Classes Tier List | Best Classes in the Game