is an insanely addictive game, with its simple concept and challenging gameplay. The game is trending right now on the App Store and for all the right reasons – so we’ve decided to come and share with you a bunch of cheats and tips in case you’re just picking up the game and you don’t really know how to beat the bigger and better guys out there.

So let’s not waste any time and let’s see below Touch Tap Play’s Agario cheats and tips for iOS to become the biggest blog that ever was!

1. What to do when you’re small
You always start as a small, extremely fast blob and that is, in my opinion, the time when you are most open to being eaten by other blobs. So focus on getting the dots on the screen and increase your size as fast as possible. Even though fast, the idea is to get big ASAP!

2. Hide behind the viruses
One advantage when you are just a small blog is that you can hide behind viruses (the green blobs with blade-like margins) which would otherwise tear down larger blobs. Use that to your advantage to escape larger blobs and get access to areas where they can’t go.

3. Split up
Once you get large enough, it’s a good idea sometimes to split up. Tap the button in order to increase the space you occupy on the screen and therefore increase your chances to absorb other blobs. However, make sure that you are large enough to avoid getting eaten by larger blobs nearby after splitting.

Splitting up can be used to actually eat up blobs that you can’t get otherwise, so make sure you’re aiming at the right direction and tap the button. This is the easiest way to do it later on!

Splitting can also save your life – if you’re in a really tight spot and there’s no way out, tap the split button towards an open space and you might just make it out alive! However, try not to split in too many pieces as it’s difficult to control your blog and you will eventually get eaten.

4. Shoot viruses to take down larger blobs
An extremely useful strategy is to take advantage of the viruses on the map and use them to destroy other blobs (or make them smaller): simply shoot towards the Virus, and it will shoot in the same direction you’re shooting. The shots from the Virus cause damage, and the Blob that it touches will split in smaller bits. This is extremely helpful, so always have it in mind when playing!

5. Shoot to get faster
Whenever you shoot, you lose a bit of mass and therefore get to move a bit faster. A good strategy to escape attackers is to simply shoot forward a few times, then move in the same direction and absorb the blobs you shot. This gives you a small speed boost when you are small and helps you evade most attackers.

6. Take advantage of corners and sides
The game world of is not infinite, and it’s the corners and margins that can help you a lot – once you are large enough, try to stay near them and take advantage of them to rush into players who get stuck and have nowhere else to go.

7. You can play Agario on other sites
If you’re having trouble accessing the main site or are sick of the lag and random ad interruption caused every now and then, there are other places you can also access this game. Poki is another free site that let’s you play Agario.

These would be for now our tips and tricks – if you have more advanced strategies, let us know by commenting below!


  1. You split into more or 16 cells and at least 1 is bigger than a virus u can eat it. Btw this site is not good it sucks and it’s just step by step guide to playing . Whoever made this they obviously are idiots. !!!!! >:(

  2. Stop blaming the website for your apps crashing it’s the creators fault they need to fix the problem maybe you could just play on computer on the app you will crash if your too big weather you follow his ‘tips’ or not. Btw this is just how to play.

  3. I never read agario stuff online but thought this was cool to share… I accidentally came accross a new technique where I split mass TWICE VERY QUICKLY at a blob that is JUST ABOUT behind a virus. When your first split of mass is eaten by the cell YOUR SECOND SPLIT MASS WILL EAT THE WHOLE CELL (well 3 out of a total of 4 times I have tried this after accidently splitting the wrong way becase the SERVER WAS SLOW.. thank you.

  4. dude this is awsome since i kep dieing i shearched for cheats on how tonget huge and this, its allot helpful. do you have a youtube chanle? and also do you wannt to play with me i will be on teams mode on agario. i hope i see you!

  5. Small blob is faster than in comparison to bigger blob. Take that advantage by going in front of bigger blob and try to steal the dots that he was thinking of to be fed. In those circumstances he won’t have any chance of getting big enough to feed you.


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