After The End Mod for Crusader Kings 3

After The End Mod for Crusader Kings 3

Global strategy video games would never reach significant popularity without modifications. They contribute various additional content to such games, significantly diversifying the gameplay. Reading this guide will reveal everything you should know about After The End Mod for Crusader Kings 3.

Where to Download After The End Mod

Before finding out more about the mod, it would be best to find out where you can download it. Many shady websites offer to download After The End Mod, but you should not trust them. Most websites want to break your PC and steal personal data by implementing viruses in the mod file. The only way you can download After the End Mod is to install it in the Steam Workshop.

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What is After The End Mod?

Once you know where you can download the modification, it is time to discover more about it. The main idea of After The End mod is to implement America of the XXVII century into Crusader Kings 3. This America can not boast technological progress and valuable achievements. Conversely, due to the cataclysmic, it was knocked back to the medieval era.

The modification divides America into a thousand unique provinces. Moreover, installing After The End mod also adds 47 religions and 31 culture groups. It significantly diversifies the gameplay, making every tiny piece of America unique. 

You should balance and stabilize these small regions if you want strong political power. Otherwise, the game will turn into chaos in which you will be the leading actor. You can be sure that only the most skilled and planned players can reach success in post-apocalyptic America again.

That’s it with After The End Mod for Crusader Kings 3. Also, remember that the version of the After The End mod, which you can see now, is only a replica of the first mod released for Crusader Kings 2. But in the case of After The End, the replica has become better than the original mod. And while you are still here, make sure to check our list of the best games like GTA for Switch and Mobile.

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After The End Mod for Crusader Kings 3


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