AFK Arena Guilds Guide

AFK Arena Guilds Guide

Guilds in AFK Arena are an important part of the game, providing a lot of privileges and resources for heroes in a single-player campaign. In this guide, we will look at all the opportunities and activities available to players who join a guild.

What are Guilds in AFK Arena?

Each Guild is a group of up to 30 players. According to the standard rules for building any community, one of the participants takes on the role of leader, and also appoints a Deputy Guild in case of his long absence from the game.

As you progress through daily quests and various locations, Guild members receive activity points, a fairly valuable in-game unit. After reaching a certain number of activity points, the head of the Guild can unlock a special boss to collect loot to upgrade his own characters and replenish the store’s assortment.

AFK Arena Guild Battles

Here you can participate in boss fights. There are only 2 of them:

Wrizz the Defiler is a goblin marauder, available for battle twice, or three times a day if the player has VIP 6 status.

Soren is a cursed squire. A special boss, access to which opens upon reaching 9000 Guild activity points. He has powerful attacks even in the early stages of the battle, so not all members of the guild manage to defeat him.

Guild Store

Here, items are purchased with guild coins. The store uses the same principle of updating the inventory as all others: things improve as the hero progresses through the main campaign, as well as with an increase in his personal level.

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AFK Arena Guilds Guide


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