Long ago, a mysterious mist shrouded the world in clouds. Kingdoms suddenly broke apart from the land and rose into the air due to the magical energies contained within the mist, and now most of the world’s population lives on these floating islands.

Many ancient treasures and relics were lost and left behind on the surface world during the great uplifting. The surface is now crawling with unknown creatures, but that has not stopped daring adventures from diving down to seek riches…

Sky Bandit is a new casual action RPG from Macaca Games, the studio that brought us fun and simple games like Beat Stomper and Sky Surfing.

Players will choose between two characters and fly down in high-speed descents as they fight off monsters and search for treasure. Use simple touch and swipe controls to move around in the air and slam into monsters to send them flying!

Defeating monsters will help you discover chests that unlock new character upgrades. These upgrades can help boost your natural abilities, grant you new skills, or even curse and enfeeble your foes. Create your own aerial fighting style with tons of different skills!

The skies are yours for taking! Sky Bandit is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store.

(This news article was first published on Touch Tap Play)


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