Lost Echo

Lost Echo, the adventure game released a while back on the App Store, has recently received a new update which introduces a variety of tweaks, fixes and enhancements to the game.

Among the improvements included in the new Lost Echo 1.7 update are new localization options, adding French, Chinese, Portugues, Russian and Greek localizations, new push notifications and several graphics and gameplay improvements.

Here are the full details of the new Lost Echo update.

+Added French localisation by Pierre Magnenat!
+Added Chinese (Simplified) and (Traditional) localisation by “Gary” Haotian Zhang!
+Added Portuguese Brazilian localisation by Apolonio Dornelas, Rafael Fernandes dos Santos, The SisDubTranslations Company!
+Added Russian localisation by Alexander Preymak!
+Added Greek localisation by our very own Vagelis Antonopoulos and edited by the amazing Nick Konstantoglou. But really it was Vagelis that wrote most of it.

+Enabled push notifications. (don’t worry, we won’t use it unless it’s necessary)

+Lightmap in hospital room is more saturated.
+Slight change at the park colors.
+Experimental, added Depth of Field and vignetting to a couple of scenes, only for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.
+6S and 6S Plus also has better antialiasing.
+Redid Lighting and slight camera changes in the Hospital corridor.
+Much cleaner GUI for the chip minigame.
+Tweaked Chip texture and model, also tweaked the lighting.
+Tweaks to text alignment all over the place.
+Tweaks to the chatbox and menu button (menu button nicer and in higher resolution).
+The plants at the park now move with the wind!
+Tweaked the shaders for metals, should look better at places.
+Also some new cubemaps.
+Field night has a higher resolution background! (yay)
+Changes to Greg’s color when he is in the bar’s backroom.
+Added some more particle effects during the “event”.

+Knocking on the door is more forgiving in both modes.
+Tweaks to colliders for easier navigation.
+Refined controls in a lot of areas.

+Fixed splash screen issues for iPhone 6/6S and 6/6S Plus.
+Built for iOS 9.1!
+Fixed Greg falling through the ground in park night.
+More reliable GUI in the card game.
+Fixed font sizes on the chip minigame for Italian and German.
+Changes to how the text sizing happens.
+Updated the text rendering tech.
+Updated to latest Unity 4 version (4.6.9f1)
+Fixed being able to do the chip out of sequence and thus breaking the minigame.
+Fixed being able to go to the park after you went home the first day in chapter 3.
+Fixed being able to save in situations you shouldn’t be able to.
+We renamed “Casual” to Normal and “Normal” to “Old School”. We might not keep it, we’ll see how it goes.
+Rewrote some old shaders (should perform better now), major cleanup all over.
+Made the inertia “snappier”, things that slide now feel much better.
+Fixed typos, small syntax errors and made minor dialogue changes.
+Minor optimisations in memory usage (and loading times).
+A whole ton of other minor stuff.

Lost Echo is now available on the App Store.



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