Striker Arena, the action / sports game developed by Wizcorp, has finally received a release date.

The game will be made available on the App Store on February 24th and it will be compatible with both iPhone and iPad. As the game was supposed to only be compatible with iPad, this is definitely good for those who only have iPhones and wanted to play this interesting title.

It’s also been confirmed that Striker Arena is no longer going to be a free to play title. The change has been made because the team thought the experience of Striker Arena couldn’t really work with Free To Play features. With Wizcorp feeling more confident in delivering a full experience, the decision to make Striker Arena a premium game was a natural one.

Striker Arena has been originally revealed during Summer 2014, with a Kickstarter campaign launched later in September. The game is a unique take on soccer games, including features taken from several different games like Mario Strikes and the Inazuma Eleven games to create a really interesting mix. The game’s premise and atmosphere are also quite unique, with two different tribes, Vikings or Gladiators, settling their own differences in a brutal soccer match where everything is permitted.

Striker Arena will be released on the App Store on Thursday for the price $2.99.



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