A new action role playing game is now available for free on the App Store, an action role playing game that’s incredibly easy to pick up and play.

Drancia, developed by Urara-Works, is a rather simple game where players will have to control their character as they ram into the enemies appearing on the stage . All players will have to do in the game is go in the right direction so to ram into these enemies  If the enemy touches the character anywhere but the front, the character will be damaged. Those who have played the classic Ys games on consoles will surely notice how similar the Drancia gameplay mechanics are.

Adding more variety to the gameplay are the different playable characters, all featuring different stats and abilities. Also included in the game are some powerful spells that can destroy enemies with ease.

Role playing games are usually really complicated, requiring a lot of effort to finally become fun so it’s really refreshing to play a game such as Drancia. The game is now available for free on the App Store so make sure to take a look at it if you’re looking for a game that’s quick to pick up and play.



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