Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past

Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past, the action game developed by GlitchSoft released a while back on the App Store, has received a few updates in the past, adding new playable characters and new features. Unfortunately the game hasn’t received new updates for quite a few months, making players think that no new content would be hitting the game in the future. Thankfully this is not the game, as Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past recently received a new update adding new areas and several gameplay tweaks.

The Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past new update comes with an expanded Danger Room, now including more obstacles and hazards as well new areas in D.C. and Senate Chamber. As stated above, new gameplay tweaks have been introduced by the new update such as new character physics and enemy AI, redesigned mutant Ability Trees which allows players to obatin imporant upgrades in a faster way, a new level-up system, increased danger and more. The amount of changes included in the new update is so big that Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past feels almost like a completely different game.

Uncanny X-Men: Days Of Future Past is now available for purchase on the App Store for only $0.99. The game will soon go back to its full price so make sure to take advantage of this deal as soon as possible.



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