A new action game has been announced today for iPad, a game that will put a violent spin on football games.

Striker Arena, currently in development by Wizcorp, it’s a 3D football game where ancient tribes will partecipate in a tournament to battle each other and defeat all the other ones, emerging as the fiercest tribe of all. Not much is currenty known about the game other than this, but it looks like Striker Arena will be filled with plenty of exciting action that will definitely make the game quite fun to play.


Even though the game seems to stress the violence of the whole experience, Striker Arena will come with a really nice graphical style that will give a unique charm to the whole experience. How violent and ugly things will get even on the graphical side it’s yet to be seen, but it’s nice to see that the team is trying to so something unique with the game.

Striker Arena will be released on iPad later this year. You can learn more about the game by checking out its official website. Or you can just continue following us for all the latest news and updates on Striker Arena.




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