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Across The Obelisk – How To Unlock All Characters Guide

Across The Obelisk – How To Unlock All Characters Guide

Across The Obelisk is a strategy adventure game from Dreamsite Games. The deck-building RPG roguelite was first released in April 2021, and gained popularity since its introduction to Steam. The game includes many ways to build decks and use the playable characters as they are unlocked. Find out below what characters are available in Across The Obelisk – How to Unlock All Characters Guide.

All Characters in Across The Obelisk

Across the Obelisk has 16 different playable characters, each belonging to one of four classes: Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Healer. Four are already unlocked and available to play at the start of the game, while the rest of the characters can be found as the player explores areas and completes different quests. Find the right map node (titles are in parentheses below) When a character is unlocked, their dialogue box will appear to confirm.

across the obelisk
Across the Obelisk
Character/ClassLocation ProgressionGuide
Magnus – WarriorAutomatically available at startN/A
Andrin – ScoutAutomatically available at startN/A
Evelyn – MageAutomatically available at startN/A
Reginald – HealerAutomatically available at startN/A
Heiner – WarriorVelkarath Act 2 or Act 3Interact with Crumbling Tower in Serenthia (The Last Sentinel). Find Heiner’s bosy which is missing its core. Accept the quest to find the core in Velkarath. Go to The Black Forge in Velkarath (The Gates of Black Forge). Combat two Golems and win. If Group Event fails, battle Fire Elemental too. New Golem Core will be in the loot.
Thuls – ScoutAquarfall Marsh Act 2 or Act 3You need 800 gold for this quest. Interact with Water Mill in Serenthia (Whispers in the Shadow). Accept Thuls’ quest to find Venom in Aquarfall Marsh. Take path to the spider lair (The Spiders Cave). Enter the sub-dungeon, fight the Spider Queen at the end. Queen’s Vonom will be in the loot.
Cornelius – MageVelkarath Act 2 or Act 3At River Bridges, talk to Cornelius (The Wandering Wizard) in Serenthia. Accept the offer to find the staff in Velkarath. Go along the bottom paths in Velkarath until you get to the Cult Temple (The Burning Hand). Beat the Cultist Boss and get the staff.
Ottis – HealerSenenthiaOttis is found at Isolated Chapel (The Scared Pigman) in Serenthia. Accept the quest to defeat Yogger at the Bandit Camp (Fresh Meat).
Grukli – WarriorAquarfall Marsh Act 2 or Act 3You need 800 gold for this quest. Interact with the Small Lake (The Fishing Contest) and select an option, you should get a fish. Take the fish to Aquarfall Marsh, and to Waterfall Ledge (The Hungry Dwarf). Get the ferry across and give Grukli the fish.
Sylvie – ScoutFaeborg Act 2 or Act 3Go to Forest Glade (The Moon Ritual). Fight the Dryad, then wait for the Moonstone to cool. Pick it up and take it to Faeborg to the Owl Guardian (The Depleted Guardian). Give Sylvie the Moonstone.
Wilbur – MageVelkarath Act 3 or Act 3, then The VoidInteract with the Rest Area (Knowledge for a Dream) in Velkarath. Talk to Wilbur and accept his quest to find a book on ancient technology. In The Void of Act 4, go to The Library (The Ancient Library) and choose ‘continue’ to get his book there.
Malukah – HealerAquarfall Marsh Act 2 or Act 3You will need 1000 Gold for this quest. Interact with the Suspicious Hatch (The Hatch) in Serenthia. Enter (not Open) the Hatch to get to the Sub-Dungeon. Continue until the Lord of the Imps Belphyor is summoned. Choose the combat option. Get the horn from Belphyor’s body and continue to Aquarfall Marsh. Take the ferry across the water at North Pier (Crocomen Mafia). Go to Malukah and give her the horn.
Bree – WarriorFaeborg Act 2 or Act 3, the The VoidPick Faeborg as Act 2 or Act 3 map. At Faeborn take the tp patch and reach Bree at the Grove (Saving the Treants). Accept the quest to plant Ylmer’s Seed. In the second map, after the Act 4 dual Guardian fight, go to the top path to the Garden (Scared Garden) and choose ‘Dig’.
Gustav – ScoutAquarfall Marsh Act 2 then Faeborg Act 3You will need Gold to pay for a boat in this quest. Select Aquarfall as Act 2 map and Faeborg as Act 3 map. In Aquarfall Marsh pay for the boat at South Pier and reach the Lonely Rock (The Sad Minstrel). Accept Gustav’s quest to get a new lute. Head to Faeborg, go toward the Faeborg Dragon boss and find the Mansion (Maniac Mansion). Select ‘Continue’ to get the lute.
Zek – MageFaeborg Act 2 or Act 3Go to Serenthia to the Main Road (A Grave on the Road). Choose any option except leave – these all depend on what characters you have in your party. Complete the secondary quests if it appears. You should get a Strange Key. Take it to Faeborg in Act 2 or Act 3. Go to the Sewer Outlet (The Exiled) and give the key to Zek.
Nezglekt – HealerVelkarath Act 2 or Act 3 then The VoidStart in Serenthia’s Riverside Camp (The Stargazer) and use the Ask or Pay options. Go to Velkarath in Act 2 or Act 3 to talk to the Divination Nezglekt’s brother at the Campsite (Express Delivery). Deliver a package which is kept in one player’s potion slot. Hold the package until Act 4, The Void and take it to the Airship (Tsnemo’s Merchant Ship).

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That is everything you need to know about each of the available characters in Across The Obelisk! Good luck.

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