ACE Play Guide: Tips & Tricks To Scoring Lots of Points


Welcome to the game, ACE Family! ACE Play is an all-new basketball game based on the popular YouTube channel, the ACE Family. Fans of the channel will feel right at home here as you can play as any member of the family, including Catherine, Austin, Elle, and even Alaia!

In our ACE Play tips and tricks guide, we will go over the basics of playing basketball, and then will give you guys some extra tips on trying to go for the high score. Let’s get started with our ACE Play tips and tricks strategy guide to scoring lots of points!

Practice with your trajectory!

When you drag the basketball button, a white dotted line will appear to show you the approximate location of where your shot is going to go. It is important to remember that the trajectory is NOT exact, and that you have to kind of work around it.

As a general rule of thumb, you usually need to adjust for power, since your character actually shoots a little shorter than the trajectory guide shows.

Additionally, the trajectory guide will flash green if it is in line with an item. If it is flashing red, that means you are going to hit a blocker or a bad item, so be careful!

Grab the AP coins!

Little shiny coins will move back and forth around the basket. These are AP coins, or ACE points! You need AP to unlock new outfits for the ACE family and to unlock additional stages to play on, so try to grab as many as you can. Bronze coins are worth

You will collect AP when your ball comes in contact with it, so try to time your shots so that the coins will naturally come into the way of your ball as you shoot for the hoop. Do not try to specifically aim for the AP as you will probably just lose a ball that way.

Get the power ups for a better chance!

In addition to the AP coins, there is a good chance that you will see at least power up floating around. Power ups will help you out in some way, so be sure to grab them! Here are all the possible power ups.

  • The Freeze must be activate manually, and all AP coins, obstacles, and power ups will be frozen in place for a few seconds. Very handy when you are faced with a bunch of blockers!
  • The Angel Dice activates automatically on the next ball. The next layout has a greater chance of having AP coins and power ups!
  • The Joker Dice is manually activated, and it will erase your current obstacle layout and replace it with a new one. You never know what you will get, so this could be good or bad!

But beware! There are also bad items that can negatively affect you! You can tell which ones are bad as they have a red plate as opposed to a blue plate.

  • The Devil Dice activates automatically on the next ball. The next layout has a greater chance of having blockers and bad items, so avoid these at all costs!
  • The Stopwatch will speed up time, making all of the AP coins, items, and blockers on the field start moving REALLY fast!
  • The Bomb is the ultimate bad item as it will destroy your ball on contact, making you immediately lose it!

So in general, grab all of the items you see that have a blue plate underneath them, and avoid the ones that have a red plate!

Complete the missions for extra AP!

You may have noticed that it costs a whopping 15,000 coins to unlock the second level, Miami. You will not reach this amount by just grabbing the AP coins when you are shooting, that’s for sure! To help you reach this amount, you need to complete the missions.

When you enter a level, you are randomly assigned three missions. These range from doing things like score a certain amount of points or grab a specific item enough times, and each mission is worth a nice amount of AP coins. The harder the missions is, the more AP it is generally worth.

Some missions require you to complete them in one round, while others are cumulative, so be sure to note the difference. Missions that need to be completed in a single round are marked with the “per round” sign next to it.

Each level has a pool of missions that are randomly assigned to you, but you may get repeat missions after completing them for the first time. Any missions you have completed before are marked with a green check.

If you want, you can clear all of the missions in a level, but you do not get anything for it besides bragging rights.

Get a clean shot for more points!

If you shoot and the ball goes in the hoop in one, clean motion, you will get 3 points instead of the normal 2! You will know you did it when you see the word SWISH appear by the basket.

Do not worry if you cannot get consistently clean shots! You just gotta practice more and you will be able to get hang of it eventually. In general, it usually works better if you aim towards the center of the basket.

If you aim too close to the left, there is a good chance you will bounce off the backboard and go flying off.

If you aim too close to the right, you will probably hit the rim or not make the shot at all. If you hit the rim, you might bounce back into the net, so keep your fingers crossed!

Practice makes perfect!

There is not much to ACE Play – it is just you, the ball, and the potential obstacles in front of you. When you are first starting out, just keep shooting the ball to get a feel for how the trajectory works. Do not worry if you miss all your balls, as it costs nothing to try again.

Get used to the way the ball feels, and be sure to take your time. You only have a few seconds for each shot, and the game will warn you when you are running out of time, but it is better to somewhat plan a shot than it is to rush a poorly aimed shot.

Is the Fan Pass worth it?

ACE Play also offers a Fan Pass for die-hard fans of the ACE Family. The Fan Pass costs 2.99 USD a month, and it comes with the following benefits:

  • Fan Pass holders can join in on a private video chat with the ACE Family. Some of the video chats will be as a one-on-one chat as well!
  • All advertisements will be removed from ACE Play. You also get a one free replay every round!
  • A 10% discount voucher for use on the ACE Family Store. You will get one every month as long as you are subscribed!
  • You get to vote on upcoming game content and updates to help direct the game!

It is ultimately up to you to decide if this is worth it or not, but if you are a big fan of the ACE Family and love their game, this is a great way to support them, and you can enjoy the game without ads as well.

That’s all for ACE Play! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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ACE Play Guide: Tips & Tricks To Scoring Lots of Points


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