In today’s article we are going to take a look at some Abyss: Rebirth Phantom tips and tricks which are going to help you upgrade your units and pass a lot of stages. This idle gacha pretty much sums up everything that I’ve found fun in terms of gacha games: cute but powerful characters, many (and I mean many!) summons, and the ability to progress by being idle.

All of these elements really make Abyss: Rebirth Phantom a game that is worth your past time, lunch break or any time you have 5 minutes a day to log in, collect your loot and upgrade your units.

Thus being said, let’s not waste another second and dive into the Abyss: Rebirth Phantom strategy guide right here below!

Start by unlocking the next 1 or 2 character slots

At the very beginning I believe you will only have 4 character slots. Make sure you spend those Diamonds that you get in your mail on unlocking the next slots, because they will help you a lot in the long run.

The total number of characters you can have is 8, and once you have unlocked them once, they are unlocked forever. So, spend your first premium currency on getting to 6 character slots for start.

After you’ve summoned a few times and unlocked a few more characters (I suggest doing 2-3 or even 4 2k Diamonds summons) you can try to save up Diamonds to unlock the remaining 2 slots – these will start getting slightly expensive, so that’s why you should stick to 6 character slots at the beginning.

Link your account for free Diamonds

When you start playing the game, you should look on the main screen in the upper side. There you will find the Beginner Missions menu. Open it, and scroll all the way to the bottom where you will see a quest named “Let’s link accounts!”.

Complete this quest, and link the game to either your Facebook account or your Google account. You will receive 500 Diamonds for free, instantly!

Summon more characters

You should try to summon more characters every chance you get, because they will be a great addition to the team – no matter their ranking. At the beginning you will receive several summon tickets and Diamonds, so after you’ve unlocked an extra 1-2 slots for characters, I suggest you invest them into summons.

Normal Gacha

In this gacha you will use Diamonds to summon new characters, and also the best place to try and obtain the selected units. It will cost 200 Diamonds for 1 summon, or 2000 Diamonds for 11 summons – so, you get 1 for free.

Always summon 11 times (with 2000 Diamonds) even if it takes longer to collect the Diamonds – it will be worth it in the end.

There is also an additional reward when you pull 5* characters from the gacha (I believe this is what’s counted, not the actual times you summoned with Diamonds). From this extra reward you will receive a 3-5* Ticket once you summoned 10 times, another one once you summoned 30 times, and at 50 summons you will get guaranteed a 5* Ticket.

Ticket Gacha

The Ticket Gacha lets you use tickets instead of Diamonds for summons. You can only pull 1 unit at a time with tickets (at the moment), and there are two types of them: Standard Summon (any character 1*-5*) and 3-5* Summon.

The tickets you get for every 100 stages that you pass are Standard Summon tickets (you get 10x of them), and the tickets you get from the additional summon rewards are the 3-5* tickets. Make sure you use them every chance you get because it’s free units!

Claim your free rewards from the Caravan

Every single day, on the main Home screen of the game you will see the Caravan option – check it daily, because that’s where you can claim some free tickets every single day! In the Caravan you will have a Daily Shop and a Weekly Shop where you can find all the free loot, so check both of the pages regularly.

How to upgrade your units

Evolving the units/starring up the units

If you ever wondered whether or not the units can be upgraded, the short answer is yes. In order to upgrade them, you will have to obtain duplicates of said unit. Every 1* character can be upgraded to 5* if you get enough of her duplicates. So, make sure you do all the upgrades whenever possible – they will unlock character’s passive skills and much more.

To upgrade the units, head on to the Character tab. There, underneath the battle screen, you will see an option called Waiting Room. Open the Waiting Room and each character that has all the duplicates required can be upgraded.

You can then tap on that character -> Information -> Evolution and that’s where you will evolve them. For each evolution the character can unlock a skill, up to 2 additional skills (not counting their default one).

Upgrading the units’ ability

To upgrade the ability of the units, you will have to head on to the specific unit, then select the Ability option from the right side. There you can use the items you get from Return (the purple crystals called Abyss Stone) to upgrade the ability power of each character.


Equipment can be given to any hero, and you will obtain plenty of them from the Dungeon. Make sure you also upgrade the equipment before giving it to the girls, by heading on to the Home -> Storage -> EQ and then tapping on the Refine All option. That will automatically upgrade any equipment pieces that can be upgraded.

Keep in mind that the Dungeon resets several time a day, so make sure you use all the entrances you can to clear the highest level possible. Even if you can’t advance to the last stage, it will still give you plenty of rewards that you can then Refine and turn into strong gear pieces.

Return when you cannot progress further

If you feel like some stages are too difficult, then simply hit the Return button and you will be prompted from the beginning again. However, you will keep your units, and you’ll also get Abyss Stones that you can use to upgrade the characters’ abilities and skills.

I suggest you try to advance as much as possible, and not return every 100 stages or so – unlock quests and try to get to level 500++ for your first return. That should give you enough crystals to upgrade a character several times.

These would be it for our Abyss: Rebirth Phantom strategy guide. Do you know any other tips and tricks that you’d like to share with fellow players? Leave them down in the comments section below!

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