Welcome back heroes! In our previous 60 Seconds Hero cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide, we covered the all the intricacies of the game’s systems to know how to become the ultimate idle hero. Today, we are revisiting the game we some more tips on how to get more diamonds, the premium currency of the game.

You will need lots of diamonds to summon more knights and build up your team, so prepare yourself for to hit the diamond lode! So, let’s get right to it with our 60 Seconds Hero guide on how to get more diamonds!

Complete your dailies every day!

One of the easiest – if maybe the slowest – ways of getting more diamonds is to simply complete your daily quests. Tap the little paper icon at the top right of the screen to be taken to the achievement and daily list. As the name suggests, you gain a new list of daily quests every day, although the objectives remain the same. They are:

  • Complete 5 dungeons
  • Buy 3 pieces of equipment at the Market
  • Play Evil Lord 3 times
  • Play PvP 3 times
  • Rebirth 3 times
  • Refresh the Summon list 3 times

Once you complete all of these dailies, you can claim the final daily quest which is to complete all the ones before it. Each of these daily quests are worth 30 diamonds a piece, so completing a full day’s worth will net you 210 diamonds. Not bad!

Complete the achievements!

And of course, there remains the regular achievements. Many of the achievements in 60 Seconds Hero are just longer versions of the daily quests, but obviously there is no time limit on them so you can do them at your leisure. Many of these you will accomplish on your own naturally by playing the game, but some are a little more specific like the ones where you have to raise each god to level 25.

Most of the achievements are worth 50 diamonds each, but a few of them are always worth 100 diamonds. This is where the big money is at, so make sure to complete as many of these as you can!

Watch for the floating chests!

Occasionally a chest attached to a parachute will be hovering around near the top right corner of the screen. Tapping this chest will allow you to claim it, and it usually holds gold for you. However, if you are a little lucky, you might get diamonds instead! It is a really small amount so it is okay if you miss the chest, but every little bit helps!

Keep rebirthing!

There is a level up event happening right now to celebrate the game’s release. If you can get your own personal hero level high enough, you will gain a big diamond reward. Getting your hero to level 5 rewards you with 200 diamonds, level 10 with 300 diamonds, level 15 with 500 diamonds, and finally a whopping 1,000 diamonds if you reach hero level 20.

Needless to say these rewards are huge but you will need to make sure that your team is strong enough so that you can get far enough to rebirth efficiently.

Keep an eye on your mailbox!

Your mailbox will contain miscellaneous rewards you get from events and stuff, so keep an eye on it. Occasionally you will receive a diamond reward just for completing some off task and they will always end up here, so take a peek every now and then!

That’s all for our guide on 60 Seconds Hero for more diamonds! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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