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5 Hololive Fan Games To Try

5 Hololive Fan Games To Try

Hololive fans love their oshis and show it in all kinds of ways. One of the most popular ways they do is through art, more specifically creating fun games based on the characters of Cover. This became especially popular with the development of Holocure, the Vampire Survivors-inspired combat game where you get to play as idols. There have been many others since then, all of which are worth trying. These are 5 Hololive fan games to try.

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Magni’s Cake

The magmites chasing cake.
Image via TouchTapPlay

Tempus fans will be all too familiar with the Magmites, the spider-like fan mascot of the great alchemist Magni Desmond. Magmites are known for getting into mischief, so it’s no wonder this game was conceived. In Magni’s Cake, stop the hungry Magmites from stealing the cake by smashing them. It’s Magmite whack-a-mole basically. There are easy, normal, and hard modes, so there are options for players of all skill levels. If you’re a Magmite and Tempura, you must try this.

Delivering Hope

Irys in Delivering Hope
Image via TouchTapPlay

Our favorite Nephilim vsinger Irys stars in this as she (quite literally) delivers hope. The goal here is to try and get chibi Irys as far as you possibly can. Boost yourself up so you don’t touch the ground and avoid hitting Bae at all costs or the game will end (if you know you know). You can collect the sodas for boosts and have the other girls use their own abilities to help you along and give you boosts. This is a great game especially if you know all of Irys’s memes.

Flappy KFP

A KFP chicken.
Image via FlappyKFP

Kiara’s chicken mascots that work at her fast-food chain KFP (Kiara Fried Phoenix) love and fear their phoenix CEO. In Flappy KFP, you play an employee who is rushing to get to work on time. Avoid the fryers so you don’t become lunch and move as quickly as you can, so the boss doesn’t ship you to the Usual Room. And if you’ve never watched a Takanashi Kiara stream, go do it. Right now. Go.


The four original members of Holotempus.
Image via TouchTapPlay

If you love RPG Makers, you need to check out the HoloTempus game. In this game, you play out the story of how the four original members of Tempus all came together to form the guild. The story is based on the comics from their debut which told their lore. You’ll start off playing our loved leader Regis Altare, where he’ll meet Magni, Axel, and Vesper. This is a great way to learn their story if you are a newer Tempura. You must play the Altare’s birthday DLC as well, which features the four boys from Tempus Vangard! Tempus needs all the love, so go check them out if you can.

Catch Risu’s Nuts

The 3 members of Area 15 in Hololive.
Image via TouchTapPlay

Risuners and the ladies of Area 15 have become included too in the world of fangames. It’s a little too early for Nonstop Nut November, but to hold you over, you can check out the in-development version of Catch Risu’s Nuts. In this simple game, you catch the nuts in the basket that fall from the trees above that Moona and Iofi are in. Collect all the nuts you can!

You can find all of these fan-made games on Itchi.io today!

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5 Hololive Fan Games To Try