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3 Best Mods for Let’s Build a Zoo | Tips & Guide

3 Best Mods for Let’s Build a Zoo | Tips & Guide
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Let’s Build a Zoo is a zoo simulation game where you get to build a brand-new zoo from the ground up and fill it with your favorite animals. The game is a small indie project, but there are a few mods for it, so here are the 3 best mods for Let’s Build a Zoo.

The 3 Best Mods for Let’s Build a Zoo

As we mentioned, Let’s Build a Zoo is a pretty small indie game with an even smaller community, so unfortunately, there modding scene for the game is extremely limited. It also doesn’t help that the way the game was designed made it very mod-unfriendly, so it’s been a difficult time for would-be modders.

Hopefully, with time, the modding scene can grow and we’ll see a bunch of mods, but for now, here are some mods that you can use for Let’s Build a Zoo.

1. LBAM – Mod API for Let’s Build a Zoo

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LBAM is the primary modding API for Let’s Build a Zoo, and it is essentially required if you want to start installing mods for the game. Additionally, if you want to get into developing mods yourself for Let’s Build a Zoo, the LBAM provides you with some tools that can help you out.

Additionally, LBAM comes with an optional mod that enables debug cheats, which let you enable things like infinite money, everything unlocked, and more.

By the way, if you enjoy zoo management games, have you tried Zoo Life: Animal Park on mobile? If you have, be sure to read through our Zoo Life: Animal Park guide for some helpful hints!

2. Custom Buildings

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Developed by the same person who made LBAM, Custom Buildings is a mod that allows you to import your own graphics to replace the standard buildings in your zoo. If you ever wanted to design your own zoo facilities, this is the mod for you!

3. Zelda 3 Buildings

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This mod is used in conjunction with the Custom Buildings mod, and it adds buildings and tile sets lifted straight out of Zelda 3, more commonly known as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. If you want to give your zoo a little bit of Zelda flavor, this is the mod for you.

Also, if you’re looking into making your own custom designs for buildings in Let’s Build a Zoo, this mod is a great example to examine. You can see which files you need to edit to make your own custom designs.

Those are the 3 best mods for Let’s Build a Zoo. As you can see, the modding scene for Let’s Build a Zoo is still very much in its infancy, so only time will tell if it’ll grow. If you know of any other mods for the game, let us know in the comments below!

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3 Best Mods for Let’s Build a Zoo | Tips & Guide