The urban world is your canvas, and it’s just waiting to be sculpted. Vandals is a unique turn-based puzzle game in which you explore real-life cities from all over the world and create your own urban artwork.

Of course, the authorities aren’t going to be happy with you, so you’re going to have to think on the fly. A typical city in Vandals lays out everything in a grid-like fashion. You’ll see where the cops are looking and heading, and you can also scope out potential spots to start creating some art.

Time only advances when you do, so players will need to think out their strategy and plan out each move. Remember: the city is yours, and you’re free to shape it as you wish. Utilize fences, manholes, walls and more to create new paths and escape routes. You can even make some noise with bottles to temporarily distract the cops.

If you’re feeling especially artistic, Vandals includes a built-in painting tool that lets you draw your own creations. Players can then upload their artwork and share on social networks.

Created by Théo Le Du Fuentes – aka Cosmografik – the mind behind the equally inventive Type:Rider, a game about the history of typography, Vandals is also similar in the sense that it showcases real things.

To be exact, as you play through the game, you’ll discover work by famous real-life street artists who left a legacy on urban art culture, such as Keith Haring and Blek Le Rat.

With over 60 challenging levels to sneak and paint your way through, Vandals is the ultimate stealth turn-based paint ’em up puzzler.

Vandals is available now on the iOS App Store and Google Player Store for €4.49/£3.99/$5.49.


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