How to Get Meganium in Pokémon GO

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Meganium is the final-stage Grass starter Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver from Generation II. While the Meganium line may not be the strongest of starter Pokemon out there, it certainly is adored by Pokemon fans all over.

Luckily enough, Meganium is also available to capture in Pokemon GO. If you want to learn how to get Meganium in Pokemon GO, then continue reading this guide!

How to Get Meganium in Pokemon GO

While the straight and most simple answer would be to merely hunt for Meganium in the wild and catch one when you encounter it, things aren’t that easy. Meganium can indeed be found in the wild, but it is a very rare spawn. Rightfully so, as it is a starter AND the final stage evolution, at that.

What you would be better off doing is searching for Meganium’s baby stage, called Chikorita. Chikorita can be found in the wild much easier, albeit still being considered a generally rare encounter due to it being a starter Pokemon.

Even though Chikorita is relatively rare to find, it is still a Grass-type Pokemon, and like any other Grass-type Pokemon, Chikorita can be found in places like farms, gardens, gold courses, hills, plains, and residential areas. A fair bit of Pokemon hunting should have you encounter a Chikorita in no time.

Now that you have a Chikorita in hand, it is time to evolve it. Chikorita is a three-stage Pokemon, which means you will have to evolve it twice in order to get a Meganium for yourself.

Feed Chikorita 25 Candies to have it evolve into Bayleef, and then proceed to feed it 100 Candies to watch it evolve into a Meganium!

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How to Get Meganium in Pokémon GO


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