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10 Best Mobile Games Like Monopoly GO to Play in 2024

10 Best Mobile Games Like Monopoly GO to Play in 2024
Image via Monopoly GO Facebook Page
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Monopoly GO has become wildly popular recently. Everywhere we looked, it seemed like the game kept popping out of each corner of the internet. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only title of its kind. Here are the 10 best mobile games like Monopoly GO that you can play right now!

We compiled this list according to several factors. We looked at games that have similar mechanics like Monopoly GO (primarily rolling the dice and moving across a board). But we also considered titles that simply feel like Monopoly GO. Before you look at the results of our search, you can learn how to get more free rolls in Monopoly GO!

1. Monopoly Tycoon

Monopoly Tycoon lets you develop a real estate empire.
Image by Nvizzio Creations, Inc.

Monopoly Tycoon falls among those games that more feel like Monopoly GO than they play like the game. This is a somewhat older title, first coming out in 2001, which puts you in charge of various businesses located on a city map. The map layout is based on the traditional Monopoly board game.

However, there are no dice in Monopoly Tycoon. Instead, you need to race against your opponents in a fast-paced open market environment. As a single-player experience, Monopoly Tycoon pits you against the AI, while in multiplayer mode you compete against other real players.

2. Monopoly

Monopoly represents a mobile experience closest to the actual board game.
Image by Hasbro

Sometimes, the best games don’t need to do much more than stay true to the original. This is precisely the case with Monopoly, a title where you get exactly what it says on the box: a mobile port of the board game!

While Monopoly GO introduced various new features, Monopoly sticks to the basics. However, the game has several upgrades in terms of visuals and board customization. Essentially, it allows you to play Monopoly on your phone the same as it ever was, but with certain advantages that only the digital version of the game could have.

The bad news? The official version of the game is only available on iOS, while the Android version is unofficial and not compatible with the iOS one.

3. Europoly

Europoly is Monopoly board game, but set in Europe and playable on your phone.
Image by Don Naipe

Much like the previous entry, Europoly is more similar to the Monopoly board game than Monopoly GO. In fact, this is Monopoly, but with a European theme. You go around the board collecting European cities, and the game plays pretty much the same as the board original.

There are also some differences in the graphics, as Europoly has somewhat simplified visuals. If you’re up for a relatively straightforward experience with multiplayer options, this will be a nice game to spend some quality time with friends or family.

Europoly is unfortunately not available for iOS users, and you can only find it for Android devices.

4. Board Kings

In Board Kings, there’s no reason to clash with other players on the same board—everyone gets a board of their own! In that sense, this game is quite similar to Monopoly GO. You get an entire board where you can develop your real estate empire.

Also like Monopoly GO, Board Kings lets you steal from your opponents by raiding their buildings. Among the titles we’ve covered so far, Board Kings might be the most similar title to Monopoly GO.

The game is available for iOS and Android devices.

5. Let’s Get Rich

Let's Get Rich gives you a unique visual twist on the familiar Monopoly recipe.
Image by LINE

Let’s Get Rich has all of the elements of a good Monopoly game. You get to travel the world, purchase real estate, roll the die to progress, and, if you’re not careful with your investments, even go bankrupt. Best of all, you get to have a fun time with this colorful alternative to Monopoly.

Let’s Get Rich is especially worth looking into for its graphics. The style of the game is teeming with colors and the graphics are done in smooth animations. Of course, whether you like the visuals or not will be a matter of personal taste, but we’d recommend giving Let’s Get Rich a try!

6. Rento

Rento takes the traditional Monopoly experience to a new level.

Rento doesn’t shy away from the traditional Monopoly model, but it doesn’t stick completely with it, either. The board is more complex compared to Monopoly (and Monopoly GO, for that matter), although it never gets confusing.

Another distinguishing feature of Rento is the game’s compatibility with various platforms. You can find it on PC, Nintendo Switch, Steam, or even play it online via the browser version. More excitingly, you can even purchase an actual Rento board game!

7. Dice Dreams

Dice Dreams is a unique twist on the Monopoly GO formula.
Image by SuperPlay

In terms of similarity with Monopoly GO, Dice Dreams might be as close as you’ll get. This game has a very similar gameplay to Monopoly GO, complete with building your board and raiding the buildings belonging to other players. There’s also a social media connectivity aspect, much like what you can find in Monopoly GO.

Of course, these similarities don’t mean Dice Dreams is a mere clone of the other game. It’s got a style of its own, and the gameplay isn’t exactly the same. Essentially, Dice Dreams is a great choice if you want a different experience than Monopoly GO but inside a similar gameplay construction.

8. Monopoly Poker

Monopoly Poker is more poker than Monopoly, but provides tons of fun nevertheless.
Image by Youda Games

If you’re looking for a Monopoly-themed game that isn’t actually Monopoly, you’ll find it with Monopoly Poker. This is a poker game, first and foremost, but it isn’t only that! Monopoly Poker included tournaments, roulette-like Spin and Play mode, and, of course, poker.

You might wonder, where’s Monopoly in all this? The answer is—in the game’s style. Apart from numerous visual nods, there’s not much that ties this title with Monopoly or Monopoly GO. But that doesn’t mean the game won’t hit close to home for any player who loves the iconic Monopoly imagery.

9. CrazyPoly

CrazyPoly is a refreshing twist that rides the line between classic Monopoly and Monopoly GO.
Image by NeatHippo

With CrazyPoly, we return to the more traditional model of Monopoly. Again, like all of the listed games that follow this model, CrazyPoly has a unique twist on the formula. In fact, the game finds a distinct way between the classic board game and Monopoly GO.

You can build up your properties, buy more real estate, and even get into some criminal activities. Of course, the goal is the same as it ever was: get rich and make your opponents go bankrupt. And CrazyPoly allows you to choose your means to that goal.

CrazyPoly isn’t available for iPhone or iPad users as the game exists only on the Android platform.

10. Monopoly Solitaire

If you want a perfect mix of Monopoly and Solitaire, this game will hit just the spot.
Image by MobilityWare

Are you looking for a mashup between Monopoly and the famous Solitaire card game? Well, it’s obvious that Monopoly Solitaire represents the best of the two! You can relax with a game of Solitaire, earning Monopoly resources like rolls and in-game money with each hand!

Although it might sound clunky, Monopoly Solitaire manages to bring the two games together. Better yet, the game is also a constant source of fun, although it’s a single-player experience. In any case, you’ll be guaranteed hours of excitement and engagement as you seamlessly glide from cards to the board!

This concludes our list of the games most like Monopoly GO that you can play on mobile devices in 2024. If you want more lists like this, check out our Apps & Lists section!

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10 Best Mobile Games Like Monopoly GO to Play in 2024