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Zyleaks MM2 Codes (June 2024)

Get the latest Zyleak's MM2 codes and make sure to redeem them before they expire!

Updated June 12, 2024

Looked for more codes!

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This PVE experience was made for testing your focus and survival skills while hacking through the competition to be the last survivor standing. Zyleak’s MM2 is thrilling, exciting, fun, and fast— everything I like about games from this genre. My skill grew with every new back-stabbing round, and even though I was an Innocent most of the time, like Aretha Franklin—I survived! 

My survival only happened by relying on Zyleak’s MM2 codes, which granted me cool survival stuff such as guns and knives in decisive moments. Therefore, if you like murder mystery games like me, try Roblox Murder Mystery 2 Codes  because we have some exciting codes for that experience too.

All Zyleak’s MM2 Codes List

Working Zyleak’s MM2 Codes

  • EASTER24: Redeem for 1 Carrot (New)
  • GOLDMINE: Redeem for 1k Coins (New)
  • BLOXYTHROPY: Redeem for a Trophy
  • 20KBRILLIANT: Redeem for a Brilliant Knife
  • BACK2SCHOOL: Redeem for a Pencil Sword and a Pencil Launcher
  • HALLOW: Redeem for a Hallowscythe
  • CUTTINGLOGZ: Redeem for a Logcutter
  • MILESTONE10M: Redeem for a Galaxy Slasher
  • LUCKY: Redeem for a Lucky Striker
  • INFLATABLE: Redeem for an Inflatable Sword
  • PINKWRATH: Redeem for a Pink Wrath Sword
  • WS10: Redeem for a WS10 Knife
  • LIKEGOAL15K: Redeem for 5k Coins
  • VALENTINES: Redeem for a Valentine’s Sword
  • 100MVISITS: Redeem for a 100M Corrupt Knife
  • PENNY: Redeem for a Chroma Vampire’s Edge
  • P1ZZ4: Redeem for a Pizza Sword
  • BAT30THOUSAND: Redeem for a Purple Bat
  • PRESENTFOR75: Redeem for a Present
  • ICEYPINKY123: Redeem for a Pink Ice Dragon
  • FIDGETSPINNER: Redeem for a Fidget Spinner
  • BRAWL: Redeem for a Chroma Icebrawler
  • ICEFLAKEYYY: Redeem for a Chroma Iceflake
  • FREECOINS: Redeem for 5k Coins
  • 10KBALL: Redeem for a Basketball
  • MONEYMONEYZ: Redeem for 5k Coins
  • PHANTOM37500: Redeem for a Toxic Phantom
  • PLUNGER: Redeem for a Triple Plunger Gun
  • HALLOWEEN2023: Redeem for a Traveler’s Axe
  • FESTIVESZN: Redeem for a Festivity Knife
  • BAT30THOUSAND: Redeem for a Purple Bat
  • EMANSPINKY: Redeem for a Pink Corrupt
  • CRYSTAL7000: Redeem for a Crystal Heat
  • ORANGECANDLE25K: Redeem for an Orange Candleflame Sword
  • ST34MPUNK: Redeem for a Steampunk Glove
  • LIKEGOAL5000: Redeem for a Sparkle
  • DARK: Redeem for a Darkshot Gun
  • CHANGE: Redeem for a Darksword
  • ICE: Redeem for a Icecrucher
  • REMILIA35THOUSAND: Redeem for a Remilia Sword
  • FALLWAVES10000: Redeem for a Fall Waves
  • FIREFIRE: Redeem for a Firey
  • BATZ: Redeem for a Bat’s Blade and a Bat’s Revolver
  • CHROMASEER: Redeem for a Seer
  • TUGA: Redeem for a Chroma Scythe
  • SWARLS: Redeem for a Full Moon Sword
  • FOOTY: Redeem for a Soccer Ball
  • LASER: Redeem for a Laser
  • COOLGUY: Redeem for a Chroma Scythe
  • M4G1C: Redeem for a Magical Greatsword
  • EMANSBARBIETHING: Redeem for a Pink Corrupt Knife
  • TRELLSREDTHING: Redeem for a Red Corrupt
  • ICEBREAKER: Redeem for an Icebreaker
  • 2024: Redeem for a 2024 Knife
  • GOLDSAW2500: Redeem for a Gold Saw
  • BATTLEAXE: Redeem for a Battleaxe
  • SWIRLY: Redeem for a Swirly Axe

Expired Zyleak’s MM2 Codes

  • JD

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How to redeem codes in Zyleak’s MM2

Redeeming codes in Zyleak’s MM2 is a simple process. Follow these easy steps to claim your free rewards in seconds:

How to redeem codes in Zyleak's MM2
Screenshot by TouchTapPlay
  1. Launch Zyleak’s MM2 in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Inventory icon on the left side of the screen.
  3. Enter the code in the bottom right-hand corner of the text box.
  4. Press the gray Redeem button and claim your reward. 

How can you get more codes in Zyleak’s MM2?

We always advise our Roblox fans to bookmark the article (CTRL+D) and check it out now and then, as we do our best to find all the working codes and put them in one place for your convenience. Besides that, joining the official Zyleak’s MM2 Discord server can be a great asset if you’re exploring more information about special events, potential freebies, and the latest updates. Also, the official YouTube channel (@ZyleakMM2) offers many in-game tips and the most recent drops for active codes. If you want to share your experience or to learn more about other players’ achievements, join the official Zyleak’s Biggest OPPS Roblox group.

Why are my Zyleak’s MM2 codes not working?

Roblox game codes sometimes get tough because they can be a combination of letters and numbers that are case-sensitive. Therefore, we recommend copying and pasting codes from the list above instead of typing them in and avoiding those boring typos. On top of that, you may run into an inactive code, as developers usually don’t specify the end date for their codes. If that happens, notify us, and we will investigate the issue.

How to get more free rewards in Zyleak’s MM2?

Regarding Zyleak’s MM2 free stuff, besides goodies from codes, there are more options for claiming them. The free prize wheel is available once per day, and there, you have a chance to win pets, crates, weapon skins, and other valuable items for combat. Exploring the lobby for more codes can be good for you, too, because freebies are lying around. Also, remember to check social media channels for various giveaways and similar free in-game rewards.

What is Zyleak’s MM2?

Zyleak’s MM2 is a murder mystery game where players get random roles. In every new round, you can be a Murderer (don’t let anyone stay alive), Sheriff (find and take down a Murderer and, along the way, try to save as many Innocents as you can), or an Innocent (run!). Your mission depends on the role that you randomly get. The longer you stay alive, the more points and coins you earn to buy various items for a much more pleasant experience (if that’s even possible when you’re an Innocent).

If you enjoy playing more Roblox games, go to our dedicated Codes section and gather all the cool stuff in other famous Roblox adventures by redeeming codes before they expire.

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