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Tower of God: New World Tier List

Tower of God: New World Tier List
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The prophesized Tower of God was conquered in ancient times, and now many adventurers seek out its mysterious power. Whether they’re fighting for love, riches, fame, or power, the legend of the Tower of God resonates with adventurers across the land. But, many quickly learn that tower is not kind to strangers. Can you make it to the top of the tower?

Tower of God: New World is a new RPG based on the Korean Webtoon of the same name. As per the norm for a gacha game, there are tons and tons of characters to use, but which ones are the best? Here is a quick rundown of our Tower of God: New World tier list.

Tier list of the best characters to use in Tower of God: New World

As you have probably seen from other guides on Tower of God: New World, we have to mention that the game just barely came out, and as such, there is no consistent meta yet. Many of these characters on this list are most likely going to change over time, as the player base finds the meta. With that said, here are some of the characters we had the best experience with. So, let’s get started with the best SSR rarity characters.

Image via Netmarble

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S Tier / High priority characters

KarakaA sturdy tank that can taunt enemies and survive a single fatal blow. His special move allows him to summon a dark orb that absorbs damage and explodes, dealing massive damage to the entire enemy group. Great survivability on top of fantastic damage makes him a top pick.
EvanThe most popular support character, for good reason—his healing is incredible, he can cleanse the party of debuffs, and last but definitely not least, he can grant temporary invincibility to the party.
EvankhellEvankhell is a force to be reckoned with, as her AoE damage output is insane. She can spew high-damaging fire all over the battlefield, and on top of that, she has surprisingly good sustain with two abilities that recover her own HP.

A tier and below characters

AData Zahard, Data Khun Mascheny, Lightning Spear Khun Mascheny, Wangnan Ja, Bam, Rachel, Endorsi, Khun Aguero, Narae Seonwoo, Ghost, Amigocharz, Hansung Yu, Khun Hatzling, Horyang Kang, Blarode, Kurdan, Quant, Lero Ro, Lozeal, Ha Yuri, Laure
BRak, Hatz, Shibisu, Cheonhwa Hong, Prince, Michael, Arkraptor, Anaak, Yellowy, Quaetro, Serena, Mule Love, Edin Dan, Miseng Yeo
CGyetang, Lurker Kim

As we mentioned, a lot of these rankings are going to change with time, so if you have any thoughts or opinions about specific characters, please let us know in the comments below.

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Tower of God: New World Tier List