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Top Best Roblox RPG Games to Play in 2023

Top Best Roblox RPG Games to Play in 2023
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On Roblox servers, you can find a game of literally any genre, from harmless children’s games to bloodthirsty battles for an older audience. Developers worldwide are expanding the Roblox game library every day, creating more and more new games. One of the most popular genres among gamers is RPG, so today we will tell you about the best Roblox games in this genre this year.

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The Best Roblox RPG Games to Play Right Now

Rpg is one of the most popular game genres in the world. Roblox developers are aware of this and are trying to create a variety of games in this genre so that everyone can find something for themselves. The game library is brimming with different games, both good and bad, therefore, we have created our list of the best Roblox RPG games based on the preferences of the gaming community.


This is rightfully one of the most popular MMORPGs on Roblox servers. In this game, you have to choose 1 of 3 hero classes, upgrade it, go through dungeons, and also fight monsters and other players.

The game has had a huge audience of fans for many years and holds top positions in terms of popularity. And more recently, the game has become free and now any player can enjoy this wonderful game.

World // Zero

This is an amazing role-playing game that has outstanding graphics and interesting gameplay.

In this game, you have to move alone or with a group of friends to different worlds, go through difficult dungeons, and kill powerful dragons, demons, and other bosses.

Swordburst 2

This game was inspired by the popular anime Sword Art Online, so if you’re a fan of this anime, you should check out the game.

The game has great graphics and a nice combat system that doesn’t get boring. But raising your level and the level of your equipment in the game is not so easy. Therefore, you need a lot of leveling on small mobs, as well as finding a team of friends with whom you will travel the world of Swordburst.

RPG Simulator 2X

This is an RPG game that is perfect for those who do not want to think about the story of the game.

In this game, you enter the main world, which has everything you need for adventure: shops, portals, locations for grinding, bosses, and much more. As you level up, you’ll unlock new locations and get a new gaming experience

Wolves’ Life 2

This is an RPG game in which you can feel like a real wolf.

The game has an open world in which you need to complete various tasks and become an increasingly powerful wolf.

We also advise you to visit these games, which are not so popular, but many players may like:

  • Dinosaur Simulator
  • Portal Heroes
  • The Legendary Swords 2 RPG
  • Royal High
  • jailbreak
  • Bloxburg
  • Electric State DarkRP
  • Fantastic Frontier
  • Clear Skies Over Milwaukee
  • Camping
  • Phantom Forces
  • Style Makeover

These are all the games we wanted to tell you about. We are sure that there are many other good RPG games on the Roblox servers, but if you do not know what to play, then our list of games will be a great starting point for you in the RPG world.

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Top Best Roblox RPG Games to Play in 2023


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