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Top 5 Matching Color Games on Mobile

Top 5 Matching Color Games on Mobile
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There are various types of color matching games on the mobile platform that offers the thrill of mixing three of the same colors and blasting your way through several fascinating levels.

Some of the games on our list includes games that offers Interesting ways of blasting your cubes such as using rocket launchers, ice blocks and many more. So in this article we’ve compiled the top 5 matching color games on mobile.

1 – Candy Legend


This a match-3 game that lets you have fun in a world of puzzle by tapping on the same color blocks and crushing them. The game is easy to play and offers tons of surprises such as tapping on 5 more blocks allows you to generate a new candy with special a skill.


The game also comes with a cool booster system which can assists you in solving any challenging stage you might encounter in the game. You can play anywhere and anytime as the game is completely offline with over 2,000 interesting levels to enjoy.

2 – Jewel Blast


For players who want something a bit more challenging, this is an addictive color matching game that challenges your brains. The rules are pretty simple, simply find and tap on two or more square shaped jewels of the same color and clear them after every match.


You can also aim for higher scores by tapping on more than two jewels which increases your game score. The game offers more than a thousand special levels mode, stylish graphics and is enjoyable offline as well.

3 – Blast Fever


In Blast Fever, your job is to tap and match cubes of the same color and solve various captivating puzzles at the same time. The gameplay is addictive and allows you to build several boosters and clear a stage by blasting two or more cubes of the same color.


You can also use spcial boosters by tapping on more than 5 of the same cubes. There’s also magic! You can cast a magical spell by tapping the linked power-ups and experience a magical blast. The game offers limited moves, so you ought to make use of your moves wisely. There are over 1,000 levels and cool rewards after every level completion as well as offline play.

4 – Judy Blast


Judy Blast is a fascinating color matching game where you embark on a journey of matching and blasting toy cubes, solving interesting puzzles and assisting Judy in cooking delicious desserts. Tapping on two or more adjacent of the same color lets you crush them. You can also pull off fantastic combos to earn extra rewards and use powerful boosters and solve challenging puzzles.


There’s over 2,000 levels to play with each level offering a new challenge and unique puzzles that is aimed to test and relax your brain. You can play with cute characters that will keep you company on this cube matching and blasting adventure. The game is made to be played offline and has some very nice looking graphics.

5 – Toy Tap Fever


This a unique color matching game that lets you match and crush toy cubes and blast blocks all the way. The game offers lots of fun and challenges such as matching special cubes to create powerful combos, solving puzzles to clear a stage and collect stars and other rewards.


You simply need to tap on two or more cubes of the same color or seek out special explosive cubes that generate magic by tapping on 5 or more cubes and blasting them. The game features cute dolls and characters, hundreds of levels to complete, simple yet challenging gameplay and really good looking graphics to go along.

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Top 5 Matching Color Games on Mobile


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