Top 5 Exclusive Nintendo Switch Games of 2021


It has been an incredible year for handheld gaming devices but especially the Nintendo Switch console. We’ve seen some of the best games of 2021 make their way to Switch and they didn’t disappoint.

So in this article we’ve compiled the top 5 exclusive Nintendo Switch games that launched in 2021 and we hope our Nintendo Switch readers will agree with all of some of the games on our list.

1 – Metroid Dread


Out of all the Nintendo Switch titles that launched in 2021, the biggest surprise was undoubtedly Metroid Dread. It’s not that the game is awesome, but it’s on a whole new level compared to most Switch games.

Surprisingly, it was a canceled Nintendo DS project until Nintendo tasked Mercury Steam with bringing Metroid Dread back to life after almost two decades. A lot of fans where expecting Metroid Prime 4 but ended up with the return of a side-scrolling action game that many users have come to love.


Metroid Dread combines open-ended exploration with exhilarating boss battles and really impressive platforming sequences. The game adds some new features such as new suit powers, more hidden locations, killer robots and does brilliantly to being Samus’ winding story arc to a satisfying end.

2 – Monster Hunter Rise

After the success of Monster Hunter World, the developers launched another title shortly after named Monster Hunter Rise and it didn’t disappoint. Infact, to some extent it offer better dynamic than Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter Rise brings a whole new mechanic that completely changed the flow of exploration and combat. The game also introduces the ability to ride Palamutes all around the maps in order to speed things up and get to the action faster.

There’s a lot to do in Monster Hunter Rise and it offers the action-packed feel that allows players to focus on what’s really important in Monster Hunter. The game feels more approachable than before and challenges your skills to hunt as well.

3 – The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles


This game brings together two highly incredible adventures that take place a century before the events of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. There’s a wide variety of interesting characters to meet and get to know as well.

There are various types of intriguing cases and mysteries for you to solve with a courtroom awaiting you that’s set against the backdrop of 19th century England and Japan. Players who know Phoenix will realise that before Phoenix, there was Ryunosuke.


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles does well to surpass its forebearers and we hope it’s the game that will set the stage for more exciting titles to come. The game offered a more engaging and intimate set of stories that refreshes the mechanics with slightly new additions with an adventure like no other.

4 – Shin Megami Tensei V


After the rather extensive gap between the titles, fans of Shin Megami have finally gotten the fifth mainline Tensei game on the Nintendo Switch this year and it delivered just as we thought it would. It was worth the wait.

The developers did well to maintain the franchise’s long-running tradition by offering a deep and interesting JRPG that leaves players on their toes throughout the game’s long campaign mode.


The game also provides a unique and extended style to its turn-based combat which sees players going through tough challenges. But despite the challenging combat and often dark tones, Shin Megami Tensei V is still one of the most enticing titles with an easy-to-follow story to hit the Switch console.

5 – Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury


While it’s not the first Wii U title to get a two time lease on life with the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario 3D World was and is arguably the most impressive considering the overall experience it brought along.

Nintendo made some serious changes to the 3D world such as making each character movement faster, made the platforming snappier and little bit more challenging as well. The game offers a whole bunch of new content and mostly feels like a whole new Mario experience.


Super Mario 3D World is one of the best games you’ll get on your hands on in 2021. It is a stunning classic platform game and thanks to well-calibrated and graphics improvements, it’s one of the best Mario titles out there.


There you have it from us on the top 5 exclusive Nintendo Switch games of 2021. If you think there’s a game that should’ve made the list but was left out, kindly let us know in the comments below.

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Top 5 Exclusive Nintendo Switch Games of 2021


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