Nintendo Switch is an invention that gamers thank Nintendo for. You can game on the go and yet get an immersive experience. Switch is extremely portable and flexible. All you have to do is press a few buttons and you can switch between home console and handheld console.

Of course, you need some accessories to take that gaming experience to next level. From chargers to headphones and screen guards, here are the 10 best accessories for your Nintendo Switch!

10 Best Accessories for Nintendo Switch to Buy in 2021

And here goes our list!

1AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A screen protector is like the #1 accessory you should be investing in for your Switch. Players often forget that it’s a handheld device just like their phones. You’ll be tossing it in your bags and dragging it everywhere.

The last thing you want is nasty scratches on your Nintendo Switch. All this can be avoided if you take out a few minutes and buy a tempered glass screen guard for the Switch. AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is 99.9% transparent so you won’t lose the “feel” while gaming. It doesn’t compromise on sensitivity either.

AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is available for Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite. You can get it on Amazon quite easily.

2Bionik Power Commuter Bag

Bionik Power Commuter Bag

If you travel around a lot with your Switch, it’s time to carry it in style. But wait, there’s more. The Bionik Commuter Bag comes with a massive 10,000 mAh battery which is sleek and compact. You can connect your Switch via a USB C-Type cord and charge it on the go. The battery is multipurpose and charges smartphones as well.

The Switch can be slid into the bag. The controllers and cables can go into another dedicated compartment. That’s not all, you can attach the commuter bag to your backpack or carry it separately.

Bionik Power Commuter Bag can be used for Switch and Switch Lite. Check it out on Amazon!

3Orzly Protective Case

Orzly Grip Case

Butterfingers, we are here to the rescue! If you’re someone who keeps dropping the device, Orzly Protective Case is a great investment. It’s essentially a back cover with a rubberized feel to it. The mounds on the back enable ergonomic comfort.

The case fits tightly over your Nintendo Switch to give you a better grip. Its front edges protect your screen from shattering and the case gives you overall drop protection. The protective case isn’t hard to take off or put on.

You can get the case for Switch and Switch Lite. Look it up on Amazon.

4HyperDrive 60W USB-C Power Hub

HyperDrive 60W USB-C Power Hub

HyperDrive USB hub is living proof that technology was meant to make lives easier. The hub is really sleek, compact, and lightweight. But don’t let that fool you. This little hub can charge your Switch and also act as a port and connect it to a 4K HDMI TV or display. It’s quite multipurpose and can be used for Mac Books and iPads.

You can also connect USB-A devices to USB-C ones. The video output has a high 4k resolution and 2x refresh rate. That’s not all. You can charge up to three devices at a time.

Time to get rid of the bulky old hub and grab this HyperDrive hub on Hyper’s official site.

5Surge Nintendo Switch Grip Kit

Surge Nintendo Grip Kit

Bring that old-school joystick nostalgia of gaming to Switch. The Surge Grips are like a suit for your joy-cons. They can guard the joy-cons against daily wear and tear. You get a superior grip, better ergonomics, and comfortable controls.

If you often nail-biting finishes and adrenaline-pumping games, Surge Nintendo Switch Grip Kit might be a good investment for you. The kit also has two thumb grips. You can check the kit out on Amazon.

6Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

For a fully immersive gaming experience, you need to go pro. With some big titles like Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid Dread, you need enhanced controls.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a wireless controller that sits comfortably on your palm. The Pro Controller is specially designed for playing for long hours. It has HD rumble and motion controls for ease of control.

You can use Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with Switch docked or undocked. You can buy it from Amazon or Nintendo.

7Nimble CHAMP Pro Portable Charger

Nimble CHAMP Pro Portable Charger

Of course, you’ll be carrying your Switch along with you a lot. Especially if you’re a traveler, you need a good battery backup. The last thing you want is a Switch running out of juice at a crucial moment.

But don’t worry, the Nimble CHAMP Pro Portable Charger comes with a massive 20,000 mAh battery and a 60W output. Despite being so powerful, it’s sleek and compact. You can easily slip it into a pocket or a small purse.

The charger swiftly charges your device to 80% in just 30 minutes. You can charge two devices at a time. The Pro Portable Charger is compatible with Switch, iPhone, iPad, and several other devices. Check it out on Nimble.

8Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand

If you use Nintendo Switch on a tabletop rather than as a handset, you might consider getting a stand. The Nintendo Switch Adjustable Charging Stand doubles up as a charger so you can game nonstop.

The stand can be used at various angles. You need to connect the AC adaptor that comes with the Switch to the stand. This enables you to play while the Switch is charging. You can buy this easily on Amazon.

9SanDisk 256GB High-Speed MicroSD Card

SanDisk 256GB MicroSD Card

For extra space, you need a good SD card that can last you a few years. Of course, you can get those game cartridges, but some awesome games need that extra space on your device. Also, you might like a title that’s on Nintendo eshop. These games can only be downloaded.

SanDisk is one of the best brands that has reputation for being durable. Try getting a 128GB or 256GB SD card for better speed and more storage. These SD cards can also be used for Android devices. You can easily get SanDisk SD cards of various sizes on Amazon.

10SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset

Lastly, a great pair of headphones is essential for an immersive gaming experience. SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset is one of the finest headsets for gaming. It’s lightweight and comfortable for long durations. The pair comes with a cable if you prefer wired headphones.

The headset has a mic and 2.4GHz lossless ultra-low latency connectivity. With this, you won’t experience any lags or dropouts. The headphones are travel-friendly with rotating earcups and a detachable mic. The pair will go with your Switch, Switch OLED, and Switch Lite. You can grab these headphones off Amazon.


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