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Top 10 Most Popular Roblox Games in 2022

Top 10 Most Popular Roblox Games in 2022
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Roblox‘s popularity cannot be understated, as the game continues to grow with every passing year. The community-created experiences get better and better over time as well, so today we’ll be sharing with you the top 10 most popular Roblox games in 2022!

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10. Royale High

Welcome to Royale High School, the premiere high school for fashionistas! Royale High is an RP life simulator where you play as a student attending the most prestigious high school. The game is focused on living your life as a student, going to classes, doing homework, but most importantly, dressing up your character! If you’re into fashion and dressing up, Royale High is a must-play for you.

9. Murder Mystery 2

It’s a dark and stormy night, and there’s a murderer among you! Murder Mystery 2 is a multiplayer game where players are split into three teams: Innocents, Sheriffs, and Murderers. The Innocents must work together to expose the Murderer, and the Sheriff is the only one that can take out the Murderer. The Murderer must simply take out everyone before being discovered. Can you survive the night?

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8. Blox Fruits

The search for the legendary Blox Fruits begins! In this action adventure game, players will sail across the seven seas in search of the mystical Blox Fruits that grant magical powers. Will you find the Blox Fruit before the others do and claim their almighty powers for yourself?

7. Shindo Life

Welcome to Shindo Life, a fantasy RPG/RP game where dangerous spirits roam the world. Explore huge worlds, train your character, and take on the spirits in fast and furious battles to claim their Bloodline abilities.

6. Bee Swarm Simulator

Love bugs? You’ll love Bee Swarm Simulator! You’ll grow your own swarm of bees, then train them to collect pollen and turn it into bountiful honey! The local neighborhood bears are more than willing to buy your honey, so complete the requests and your hive will grow larger. The mountain awaits, and your bees are ready!

5. Anime Fighters

Explore a huge world full of characters from your favorite animes! Once you meet a character, they’ll be added to your roster, and you can train them up to increase their combat potential. Battle against monsters and other players to see who has the greatest fighter!

4. Welcome to Bloxburg

You’ve just landed in Bloxburg, one of the biggest cities in all of Roblox! Welcome to Bloxburg is an RP life simulator where you get to live out your days in Bloxburg. Go to work to earn some money, then build up the house of your dreams. Drive around town, hang out with friends, and just enjoy the sights!

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3. Adopt Me

Tons and tons of cute and cuddly pets are available for adoption in Adopt Me, the most popular pet collecting game on Roblox! Build your own house, decorate it for your little ones to play in, and adopt all of your favorite pets!

2. Pet Simulator X

The Pet Simulator series returns with Pet Simulator X! With a bunch of different worlds to explore and pets to find, there’s always adventure to be had in the world of Pet Simulator X. You can even trade pets with other players to help you in your journey to collect them all!

1. Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP is easily the most popular game on Roblox at the moment. The city of Brookhaven is a peaceful place, with friends right around the corner. Many players come to Brookhaven to roleplay and live out their dream city life, so why not join over 400k players?

That concludes our list on the top 10 most popular games on Roblox right now. Did any of them catch your eye? If you have another favorite Roblox game that you think should be on the list, let us know in the comments below!

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