There are hundreds of cooking-themed and restaurant sim games available on IOS, some free and some paid. While many of them are pretty good fun, there are some that either become boring after a short time, or that force players to instantly pay to progress. Our recommendations have some of the highest reviews out there from real, long-time players, offering the best possible choice of cooking games on IOS.

10 Great Cooking Games on IOS

1. Cooking Diary

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Let’s start with one of my personal favourites: Cooking Diary Restaurant Game. This free-to-play restaurant sim has been around for a few years and just keeps getting better. You play as a budding restauranteur, looking to work hard and expand your cooking business with the help of some new friends. The levels are challenging without being impossible, and the regular updates keep it fresh. There is even the option to change your outfit, adopt a pet, and design each restaurant to your taste!

2. Cook It! Cooking Frenzy

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The best thing about Cook It! Cooking Frenzy is the fact you won’t need an internet connection to play. So if you are commuting and happen to go through a tunnel or deep in the countryside, it won’t matter if your connection drops. This is another free-to-play, addictive restaurant sim with fun designing and upgrading, and some frenzied tapping challenges! Create dishes from almost every culture with one of the most fashionable chefs in the world.

3. Star Chef: Cooking Game

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Star Chef is a classy cooking game where you build your business from the ground up. Create a cafe and work your way to a 5-star restaurant, exploring exotic cuisines and prepping the freshest ingredients. This is one of the rare games where you get to not only prep and cook the ingredients, but also grow them in your very own garden! That certainly adds a unique element to the game, and teaches players to have a little patience when growing fruit and vegetables.

4. Sandwich

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Here is something a bit different. Sandwich is a really addictive puzzle game that gets tougher as you progress. All you have to do is build the perfect sandwich, seems simple right? As you pass each level you get to unlock more ingredients, adding to the complexity of each future sandwich you make. The only downside is the semi-regular ad breaks, but hey, the devs have to pay their bills too! It costs less than a cup of Starbucks coffee to get rid of the ads so it is worth it if you feel you will be playing this game a lot.

5. Restaurant Story 1 & 2

Via Apple App Store

Restaurant Story and Restaurant Story 2 are both worth playing, although fans seem to prefer the first one a little more. The free-to-play sim game has cute and colourful graphics, fun challenges, and great decor for your restaurant. Just like some of the other games they have regular updates that include seasonal decor, which adds a fun and immersive element to the game. Build your restaurant from scratch, learn new dishes, and explore the 3D world around you!

6. Food Street- Restaurant Game

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Take a stroll down Food Street for the chance to run your own cafe, bakery, or restaurant. This game is free to play and very easy on the eye with its vibrant graphics and cute design. Decorate your own businesses, grow your produce, cook the food, and manage your staff well to be the best of the best on Food Street! There is even the chance to join a Food Club with your friends.

7. Bakery Story 2

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Got a sweet tooth? Then you might just want Bakery Story 2 to play on your IOS device. It isn’t as good as some of the other sim games but it has some really great graphics and adorable decor for your bakery. The updates can be a bit slow, but the game itself is really fun. You can create your own menus, make sure customers are happy with their orders, and expand your baking empire! The kitchen is never quiet so there is always something to do.

8. Airplane Chefs- Cooking Game

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Take to the skies with Airplane Chefs, the cooking game for high fliers! This time management game takes some of the most fun elements of other cooking games to a whole other level. You travel all over the world cooking up and serving meals to the customers aboard the plane before time runs out. Upgrade and decorate your galley, and play the hundreds of addictive levels!

9. Cooking City

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Here is another game which does not need an internet connection after the first install! Play Cooking City offline as often as you like, feeding your customers and levelling up with amazing combos and boosts. There are over 2000 levels to beat, and thousands of unique and fun goals to achieve as you progress. The game keeps you interested with regular updates and mini games, as well as huge monthly events to get involved with.

10. Cooking Madness- Kitchen Frenzy

Via Apple App Store

Cooking Madness- Kitchen Frenzy is one of the most fun time management cooking games around. You will manage new restaurants, bring in all the customers, and serve them the best food around in as little time as possible. There are fun challenges as well as regular levels, and game updates bring new levels so you will never run out of amazing frenzied cooking at your fingertips.

If you have a cooking game you’d like to recommend, just leave us a comment below.

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