Top 10 Cookie Run: Kingdom Phone Wallpapers


Cookie Run: Kingdom is an ever-growing and popular mobile game where players collect Cookies to help battle for their lost kingdom, build the Cookie community, and upgrade as they grow. There is now merchandise and fan art celebrating the game and its characters, and the digital wallpapers are some of the most colorful and cute available. You can get a special design of your favorite Cookie character set as your laptop background, or as your home screen on your smartphone. If you are looking for a way to show off your devotion to your favorite game, check out the list below!

Top 10 Cookie Run: Kingdom Phone Wallpapers

10. Espresso Cookie

This beautiful piece of art shows Espresso Cookie enjoying a cup of steaming hot coffee. Download it here.

espresso cookie mobile wallpaper
Espresso Cookie (artist unknown)

9. Pancake Cookie

This Cookie cutie is a fan-favorite, and can be found here flying across your screen! Download it here.

pancake cookie wallpaper
Pancake Cookie (artist unknown)

8. GingerBrave Cookie

A classic Cookie Run character, GingerBrave is many fans’ first choice as wallpaper! Download it here.

gingerbrave cookie wallpaper
GingerBrave Cookie (artist unknown)

7. Sugar Snow Cookie and Red Bean Cookie

Ok so technically this is from Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, as Red Bean is not in Cookie Run: Kingdom (yet), but this is the sweetest little friendship wallpaper, isn’t it? Download it here.

snow sugar cookie and red bean cookie
Sugar Snow Cookie and Red Bean Cookie (artist: DotAction)

6. Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie looks out from the bottom of your phone screen with her sword like she is just waiting for you to take her into battle! Download it here.

sea fairy cookie wallpaper
Sea Fairy Cookie (artist unknown)

5. Milk Cookie

A striking image of Milk Cookie as they pose victoriously! This would look amazing as anyone’s phone background. Download it here.

milk cookie wallpaper
Milk Cookie Wallpaper (artist unknown)

4. Latte Cookie

We love this image of Latte Cookie, looking mystical as they swoop by on a spoon! It is one of the most popular wallpapers downloaded recently. Download it here.

latte cookie wallpaper
Latte Cookie Wallpaper (artist unknown)

3. Madeleine Cookie

Madeleine Cookie looks like a force to reckon with in this colorful wallpaper! Download it here.

madeleine Cookie wallpaper
Madeleine Cookie (artist unknown)

2. Golden Cheese, Dark Cacao, Pure Vanilla, White Lily, and Hollyberry Cookie

This amazing collection of playable and non-playable Cookie characters is so well done that even those who don’t play Cookie Run: Kingdom every day would love this! Download it here.

Hollyberry, Pure Vanilla, White Lily, dark cacao cookie wallpaper
Golden Cheese, Dark Cacao, Pure Vanilla, White Lily, and Hollyberry Cookie Wallpaper (artist: GakaryUwU)

1. Cream Puff Cookie

This joyful image of Cream Puff jumping into view, surrounded by jelly beans and magic, is just adorable. Download it here.

Cream Puff cookie wallpaper
Cream Puff Cookie (artist unknown)

Please let us know in the comments below if you know any of the artists shown here. We would love to give credit to their amazing work.

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Top 10 Cookie Run: Kingdom Phone Wallpapers


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