Tiny Tower is an 8 Bit Simulator game by NimbleBit LLC. Build your tower, manage the business and the bitizens (which are full of personality) that inhabit it, customize each floor’s look and name to your liking, visit your friend’s towers.

You can even see what’s on your bitizens’ minds by checking your Tiny Tower’s virtual social network. Sky is the limit for your Tiny (or not so Tiny) Tower! As you build it towards the clouds, VIP visitors and special missions will earn you special perks.

Why should you add more friends, you may ask?

Well, the answer to that question is pretty simple – whenever you visit a friend you will receive Coins, and the friend that you are visiting will receive 10 Bux. So it’s a win win. That should be reason enough to add a ton of friends and get rich, correct?

Why don’t you share your information in the comment section down below so other players can add you as a friend as well? Here are few examples of other players sharing their information.

Name: Ben
Friend Code: 2H59M
Floors: 19
Elevator Speed: 2

Name: JayBear
Friend Code: CWFF6
Floors: 20
Elevator Speed: 1.75

Name: Frnk
Friend Code: CS835
Floors: 43
Elevator Speed: 3.75

Name: Dubbs09
Friend Code: 37JG4
Floors: 335
Elevator Speed: 10

Name: Ava
Friend Code: B96F9
Floors: 37
Elevator Speed: 6

Name: Courtney
Friend Code: 2DSP
Floors: 102
Elevator Speed: 9

As you see the format is pretty simple. Just post your in game name along with your Friend Code, the number of floors your tower has and the elevator speed! Make a lot of friends and get rich asap!

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