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The Best Farm Layouts in My Dear Farm

The Best Farm Layouts in My Dear Farm
Image via HyperBeard
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My Dear Farm is a chill and relaxing farming game that is pretty hands off, as your crops basically take care of themselves, which only leaves the farm decorating. Here are some of the best farm layouts we’ve seen so far in My Dear Farm.

My Dear Farm‘s Best Player Farm Layouts

Since there really are no rules to how you design your farm in My Dear Farm, your creativity is the only limit. You can place furniture and decor wherever you want without having to worry about any mechanics that might affect your farm. Because of this, there are lots of cool farm layouts out there, and we’re here to showcase some of our favorites.

1. Sectioned Farm

Image via u/YumiWoomie

We’ll start this list off with a simple yet homely farm layout from Reddit user YumiWoomie. They used the walking planks to create sections of their farms for a sleek and beautiful farm layout. Each section has four crops, but you can expand if you want, especially if you’re planning on using lots of decorations.

By the way, if you’re looking to incorporate animals into your farm layout, be sure to check out our complete animal list guide for My Dear Farm.

2. Single Lane Crop Farm

Image via u/indigo_macaron

This farm layout comes from Reddit user indigo_macaron that showcases a huge vertical farm that’s filled to the brim with crops, with a single path separating them. If you’re not too keen on heavy decorations but still want your farm to look a little nice, this is a great layout to use.

3. Elegant Farm

Image via u/lecroix66

This layout comes from Reddit user lecroix66 showcasing a design that’s very similar to the Single Lane Crop Farm layout. For extra elegance, they used the mini white fences with matching marble garden decor to top it all off, result in a very beautiful garden.

4. Orchard Farm

Image via u/PrincessKiwiberry

This forest-y layout comes from Reddit user PrincessKiwiberry, and this one is for all the tree lovers out there. The creator has dubbed this layout the “Orchard Park,” as it’s definitely laid out for a peaceful park stroll under the trees. Since the trees take up four tiles, you can surround them with individual crops or paths for a nice, cohesive look.

5. Secret Fairy Garden

Image via u/_b_e_e

This is one is probably our favorite design out of this whole list. From Reddit user _b_e_e comes an absolutely magical and beautiful farm that looks like a fairy garden. They used a lot of the lily pads and vine-like furniture, which creates a nice grove atmosphere.

6. Full House Design

Image via u/AshesMyst

For those looking for some farmhouse inspiration, take a look at Reddit user AshesMyst‘s house layout. Once you level up enough, you’ll be able to buy a farmhouse that you can decorate, just like your farm. This layout, although it looks cramped, is actually a great use of space, able to fit in all the major rooms of a normal house.

7. Starry House

Image via u/Own-Machine-9871

If you’re looking for a more open house, Reddit user Own-Machine-9871‘s Starry House is a great layout to build off of. The starry pack is perfect for people who love space, but even ignoring the theme, this layout is pretty neat. You’ve got a lot of open space in the middle, and lots of decor outlining the outer rim of the room.

8. Cozy Corner House

Image via u/MisfitArtsDraws

Another farmhouse layout from Reddit user MisfitArtsDraws. This layout is a nice and cozy layout that manages to encompass all the main rooms of a normal home. You’ve got the living room on the left corner, the kitchen at the top corner, the bathroom at the right corner, and the bedroom on the south corner. The varying floor tiles really make each corner stand out.

9. Unified Corner House

Image via u/mmmmai1001

Reddit user mmmmai1001‘s farmhouse layout is very similar to the previous one, but with some distinguishable changes. If you’re going for a more unified look to your farmhouse, using one type of flooring can make everything blend together seamlessly.

10. Mega Crop Farm

Image via u/mmmmai1001

We’ll finish off this list with another farm layout by mmmmai1001. If you just want to earn as many coins as possible, this is a great layout to use. Just cram as many crops as you can into your farm space, and you can also keep it organized by placing them in rows. Looks neat while maximizing your earnings!

Those are some of the best player farm layouts we’ve seen so far from the My Dear Farm community. Have a fantastic farm layout you want to show off? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Best Farm Layouts in My Dear Farm