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Tales of Yokai Tier List

Tales of Yokai Tier List
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Your task as an onmyōji, who can cross from one world to another, is to maintain the balance between them. In Tales of Yokai you can summon Yokai to help you fight in strategic battles! With so many Yokai to collect in this tactical RPG adventure, you are sure to have a great range of legendary heroes to hand.

If you are having trouble deciding who to choose from, we are here to help as always. Every team needs a range of Yokai who are versatile with their own skills and equipment, so scroll through the tier list below and see which we recommend. Check out how we rate these heroes in the Tales of Yokai tier list below.

Tales of Yokai tier list

We have sorted each of the characters currently available into tiers S, A, B, and C to show you which character is worth adding to your team. On your courageous journey, you need the best heroes at your side, so we have sorted them into the following groups:

  • S Tier is made up of the strongest and best choices. These have great skills and are perfect for any team;
  • A Tier are very good, fine additions to any team, but not as versatile or strong as SS tier heroes and villains;
  • B Tier are average characters, not as great as S and A Tier. They have good skills, but perhaps not as special as S Tier;
  • C Tier are last choices, relatively weak heroes not really worth adding to any team without serious levelling up and decent equipment.

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Screenshot by Touch Tap Play
Tier Characters
S Tier Yuki Oona
Yamata no Orochi
Meramasa Bloodlust
Shuten Doji
Tamamo no Mae
A Tier Sinn
Wave Monk
Ittan Momen
Barren Skeleton
Torch Dragon
Ghost General
Hell Bringer
B Tier Tanuki
Fortune Cat
Book Fairy
C Tier Ubume
Sylvan Daruma
Heya Daruma
Hades Daruma
Divine Daruma
Devil Daruma
Marine Daruma
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Remember to check back after each update to see how it affects our tier list!

Unlock more Yokai by visiting the Summon page to spend Magatama on summoning characters. Get extra Magatama by completing Daily log in tasks, completing levels, and in the Tales of Yokai shop!

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Tales of Yokai Tier List