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Takt op. Symphony Codes (July 2023)

Get the latest Takt op. Symphony codes and redeem them to get various helpful free rewards before they expire!

Can you imagine a world without music? Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? To make sure that nightmare doesn’t become real, Takt op. Symphony gives you the chance to protect the world by leading a team of powerful Musicart girls, each with their own special skills based on the world’s most famous classical pieces. And for real, blasting enemies into oblivion to the sounds of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is super satisfying!

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But your girls can’t rely on the power of their music only—they look to you to upgrade them and recruit new members. For that reason, make sure to redeem the Takt op. Symphony codes listed below to get free Note Coins, Sound Conductors for EXP, and more valuable resources that will help you on your quest to save the world against music-hating aliens.

All Takt op. Symphony codes (July 2023)

Active Takt op. Symphony codes (July 2023)

Get all the active codes for Takt op. Symphony from the list below:

  • VGBKN4: get 1k Note Coins
  • Q63EXRHU7: get 1 Sound Conductor II
  • TN5DUK: get 3k Note Coins and 1 Sound Conductor III
  • BAY6TJ2ZP: get 20k Note Coins, 2 Sound Conductors II, and 1 Random Meteor Crystal Box

Expired Takt op. Symphony codes

You cannot redeem the following Takt op. Symphony codes any longer:

  • There are currently no expired Takt op. Symphony codes.

How to redeem Takt op. Symphony codes

Redeeming codes in Takt op. Symphony is easy once you get to the point where you can use this feature. Follow the instructions below:

How to redeem codes in Takt op. Symphony
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  1. Start Takt op. Symphony on your mobile device;
  2. Play the prologue until you can access the main menu (hamburger icon in the top right corner);
  3. Tap on the gift icon on the right side of the screen (above the cogwheel/settings icon);
  4. Enter your code or paste a copied one into the pop-up text box that says Enter gift code;
  5. Click on the red Confirm button below;
  6. Go to your inbox (in the main menu) to claim the rewards.

Where to find more Takt op. Symphony codes

The developers of mobile games usually post all the announcements, updates, and free codes on the game’s official social media accounts. In the case of Takt op. Symphony, you can look for more codes in the official Discord server or follow the game on the social media listed below:

If that seems overwhelming and feels like too much work, you can always just bookmark this article and come back from time to time to check for the latest codes. We work hard to gather them all in one place, so you don’t have to waste any of your time.

Why aren’t my Takt op. Symphony codes working?

The first solution you should try when encountering issues with claiming your freebies in Takt op. Symphony is to double-check the spelling. The codes in this game are rather complicated, and it is super easy to make a mistake when typing all those case-sensitive numbers and letters—especially on a phone keyboard. You can also just copy and paste the code you want to use to avoid these issues altogether.

It is possible that you run into an expired code, even in our list of active codes, if the developers don’t specify any expiration dates. If that happens, please, let us know in the comments, and we will update it accordingly.

How to get more free rewards in Takt op. Symphony

Just like in many other similar anime-inspired games, you can get more free rewards in Takt op. Symphony just by logging in daily. Via the monthly sign-in reward feature, you can get your hands on Note Coins, Biscuits, Sound Conductors, Echomonds, Memory Foam, and more. You can also complete daily and weekly missions for more free in-game resources or get Daily Random Packs in Trade Shop.

Another good way to get freebies in Takt op. Symphony is to participate in various special events and giveaways that developers post about on the game’s official socials. Some have participation requirements, while others are open to all, and you can earn great in-game rewards.

What is Takt op. Symphony?

Takt op. Symphony is a mobile game for Android and iOS devices that expands the world of the anime show Takt op. Destiny, where evil alien monsters almost destroyed humanity for its love of music. However, music is not entirely dead, and it’s your task, as the Conductor, to lead a team of powerful Musicart girls to use their powers to bring harmony back to the world.

The fight ahead is long and difficult, and every little bit of various in-game resources helps. To get free Note Coins, Sound Conductors, and more, redeem Takt op. Symphony codes before they expire!

You can find more free codes for your other mobile and Roblox games in our dedicated Codes section.

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Takt op. Symphony Codes (July 2023)