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Roblox Streamer Life Codes (December 2023)

Check out if there are any active Streamer Life codes and learn how to redeem them to obtain some free rewards.

No matter how much you love your job, you’ve probably fantasized about the seemingly easy money that all kinds of influencers and streamers rake in nowadays—at least, I did. Streamer Life on Roblox showed me that the world of game streaming is tougher than I imagined.

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I started in a cramped room with a toilet right next to my PC desk (I was one step away from calling OSHA) and had to work at an ice cream place before my streaming career really took off.

Streamer Life is not joking as a simulator. You need to earn cash and regain your energy to continue working, so codes that bring such in-game resources for free would be more than welcome—especially when you’re just starting as a lowly noob. We’ll give you some neat codes for just that!

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All Streamer Life codes list

Streamer Life codes (Working)

The list below contains all the currently active codes for Streamer Life:

  • 100KMEMBERS—Redeem for a special reward
  • 30KLIKES—Redeem for 10 minutes of all 2x Boosters
  • GiveMeXP—Redeem for 300 XP (New)

Expired Streamer Life codes

You can’t use these Streamer Life codes anymore since they have expired:

  • V25
  • V22

How to redeem codes in Streamer Life

Although it wasn’t the case until recently, Streamer Life now has codes that you can redeem by following these steps:

Redeeming codes in Streamer Life
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  1. Launch Streamer Life on Roblox and enter Flisk Hotel.
  2. Approach your computer to enter the system.
  3. Click on the gift box icon named Codes.
  4. Enter your code in the designated field.
  5. Click on Redeem to get the reward.

How to find Streamer Life codes

The easiest way to stay on top of all new codes for Streamer Life would be to bookmark this article and come back occasionally to check for updates. We work hard to gather all working codes for this Roblox game in one place. When new codes drop, they’ll show up here!

Of course, you can always hunt for codes yourself, too. Roblox developers usually post new codes using their official social media channels. You can become a part of the official Flisk Studios Discord community and look for new updates and announcements there. Better yet, follow what the game itself says and check out the developer’s Twitter (X) account!

Why aren’t my Streamer Life codes working?

No need to panic just yet. Have you checked the spelling of the code you’re trying to use? Typos are the bane of code redeeming in all kinds of games, because it is really easy to make a mistake with all those strange combinations of letters and numbers, especially if they’re case-sensitive as well. For that reason, we recommend copying and pasting codes whenever possible.

Some codes from our list may expire without any notice as well. This happens if the developers don’t state any deadlines for claiming these free rewards. If your spelling is fine, but the code is still not working, let us know in the comments, and we will look into it further.

How to get more free rewards in Streamer Life

A good streamer needs energy. Fortunately, you don’t have to chug coffee or energy drinks—you can just join the official Roblox group of the game’s developer, Flisk Studios. All players who join the group will get +50 maximum energy, and that can really make a difference when you’re just starting the game.

Streamer Life features daily rewards, which will come in handy, too. Finally, there are various giveaways and rewards, so keep an eye out for when the developers post those on the official Discord channel.

What is Streamer Life?

Streamer Life is a Roblox experience that allows you to live out your dreams of becoming a famous game streamer and earning loads of cash. But you have to start modestly before getting more attention in the gaming community. I loved the true-to-life aspects of the game like minding your energy levels, shopping for food, and earning money to pay the bills.

If you’re looking for free rewards to help you out in your other favorite Roblox games, make sure to explore the rest of our Codes section, where we cover the most popular titles across all genres!

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Roblox Streamer Life Codes (December 2023)