A combination of horror and tower defense games? Sign us up! This game has it all: over 75 enemy types, your favorite SCP characters, various gadgets and devices, elite MTF units, over 30 towers, 4 different game modes, and much more.

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To top it all off, Roblox SCP Tower Defense is not stingy with codes that bring free rewards to players. Whether you need coins, gems, or tokens, you can get some for free with the codes we list in this article, so let’s hop in right away and get you those goodies.

All Roblox SCP Tower Defense codes

Working SCP Tower Defense codes (February 2023)

The list below contains all the codes for Roblox SCP Tower Defense that are currently working. We recommend you to redeem them as soon as possible since most of them expire fast.

  • balance: Get 3,000 Coins and 300 Shards
  • professor: Get 600 Coins
  • ThanksFor30M: Get 2,500 Coins and 250 Shards
  • Doctor: Get 505 Coins
  • NewJourney: Get 450 Coins

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Expired SCP Tower Defense codes (February 2023)

Unfortunately, you can’t redeem these codes any longer:

  • ABLE: Get 100 Coins
  • antikill: Get 1k Coins
  • badges: Get free rewards
  • balefire: Get free rewards
  • chains: Get Tokens
  • council: Get 500 Coins and 50 Shards
  • dboi: Get 1k Coins
  • divine: Get free rewards
  • evolution: Get free rewards
  • flames: Get Coins, Shards, and Tokens
  • Gadgets: Get 300 Coins and 30 Shards
  • Lake Blood: Get free rewards
  • library: Get free rewards
  • lily: Get free rewards
  • maz hatter: Get free rewards
  • rabbit: Get Coins, Shards, and Tokens
  • Red Lake: Get free rewards
  • right hand: Get free rewards
  • RobloxReturns: Get 300 Coins
  • scarlet: Get Coins, Shards, and Tokens
  • shy guy: Get free rewards
  • skins: Get free rewards
  • ThanksFor3M: Get 533 Coins and 30 Shards
  • ThanksFor10M: Get free rewards
  • ThanksFor20M: Get 2.5k Coins
  • uiu: Get Coins
  • unknown: Get Coins and Tokens
  • Winter : 40 Tokens
  • XKClass: Get 800 Coins
  • xmas2022: Get Coins, Shards, and Tokens

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Roblox SCP Tower Defense Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about Roblox SPC Tower Defense or redeeming codes for this game, check out the following sections.

How to redeem codes in Roblox SCP Tower Defense

Roblox SCP Tower Defense redeem codes
Image via TouchTapPlay

When you get free codes for Roblox SCP Tower Defense, redeeming them is a piece of cake—just follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Roblox SPC Tower Defense;
  2. Find the Daily & Codes icon on the right side of the screen;
  3. Look to the left side for a Claim Codes section;
  4. Enter a code from our Working list;
  5. Hit Claim! to get your free rewards.

Where can you find more codes for Roblox SCP Tower Defense?

While you can save yourself some trouble by bookmarking this article and coming back regularly for new updates, you can also look for more Roblox SCP Tower Defense codes on your own.

The standard practice with Roblox games is that developers post codes and other game updates on their official social media accounts. The same goes for SCP Tower Defense—you can follow the developer @Mashiusam on Twitter or join the game’s Discord community or the Mash’Em Studios Roblox group and wait for posts with new codes.

Why can’t I use Roblox SCP Tower Defense codes?

If you can’t redeem a code from our Working list, make sure to double-check that you’ve written it correctly, since it is quite common to misspell something—after all, game codes are often complicated combinations of letters, symbols, and numbers. You can prevent typos if you just copy the codes from our list and paste them directly into the game.

It is also possible that some of the codes expire between the last time we checked and the time you try to redeem them. If that happens, please, let us know in the comments, and we will update our lists right away. To avoid expired codes, you can try to make a habit of checking this list for updates and redeeming new codes right away to secure your rewards.

Is there a way to get more free resources in Roblox SCP Tower Defense?

Yes, there is. Codes are great and all, but you can also get free Coins and Shards just by coming back to this Roblox game every day. The game gives out progressively bigger amounts of Coins and Shards for every day you log in on a weekly basis.

You can find free rewards in the same menu option where you redeem codes.

What is Roblox SCP Tower Defense?

In a classic tower defense manner, Roblox SCP Tower Defense requires you to fight waves and waves of unrelenting enemies under Scarlet King—on your own or with the help of your friends. The game features more than 10 maps with different difficulty settings, numerous weapons, and gadgets that you have to deploy strategically and survive the onslaught.

Besides this one, Mash’Em Studios is the team behind another tower defense Roblox game—Anime Knights Tower Defense.

For more free rewards in other Roblox and mobile games, don’t skip our Codes section, where we post the latest codes for your favorite titles.

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