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Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Enchantments Tier List | The Best Enchants in Pet Simulator 99

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Enchantments Tier List | The Best Enchants in Pet Simulator 99
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If you are wondering what The Best Enchants in Roblox Pet Simulator 99 are, then look no further! We have you covered with The Best Enchants in the Pet Simulator 99 Tier list! Let’s dive in!

Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Enchantments Tier List | The Best Enchants in Pet Simulator 99
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Enchants are an absolute game-changer in grinding in Pet Simulator 99. They can significantly simplify and streamline the process, making it a breeze to level up your pets.

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What are Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Enchantments

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In Roblox Pet Simulator 99, there are eight categories of Enchant books:

  • Exclusive: Chest Mimic, Lucky Block, Fireworks
  • Divine: Super Lightning
  • Exotic: Starfall, Midas Touch, Exotic Pet, Shiny Hunter, Fortune, Huge Hunter, Chest Breaker, Tap Power VI, Strong Pets VI, Criticals VI, Coins VI, Treasure Hunter VI, Lucky Eggs VI, Diamonds VI
  • Mythical: Lightning, Treasure Hunter V, Tap Power V, Strong Pets V, Speed V, Lucky Eggs V, Diamonds V, Cryticals V, Coins V
  • Legendary: Blast, Treasure Hunter IV, Tap Power IV, Strong Pets IV, Speed IV, Lucky Eggs IV, DIamonds IV, Criticals IV
  • Epic: Tap Teamwork, Happy Pets, Treasure Hunter III, Tap Power III, Strong Pets III, Speed III, Magnet III, Lucky Eggs III, Diamonds III, Criticals III, Coins III
  • Rare: Treasure Hunter II, Tap Power II, Strong Pets II, Speed II, Magnet II, Lucky Eggs II, Diamonds II, Criticals II, Coins II
  • Basic: Treasure Hunter I, Tap Power I, Strong Pets I, Speed I, Magnet I, Lucky Eggs I, Diamonds I, Criticals I, Coins I,

Enchants are the ultimate way to speed up your progress in Roblox’s Pet Simulator 99. These magical books can be equipped for your character, providing you with enormous boosts that can’t be beaten by any other method. While you can only have a few Enchants equipped at a time, you can swap them out freely to get whichever effect will be the most useful in a particular situation. Enchants are the key to success, whether you’re looking to acquire Coins, Diamonds, or other rewards.

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Roblox Pet Simulator 99 Enchantments Tier List

With our Guide and Tier List for the most potent and the most desirable Enchantment books, you can focus on them and how to get to them.

HINT: Keep in mind that you can only equip up to eight enchants simultaneously. Unlock the first five slots for free by leveling up, and take your gameplay to the next level by purchasing the three additional slots with Robux.

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TTP Crew separated all the Enchantmens in Roblox Pet Simulator 99 into six Tier Lists:

Tier S: OP [Overpowered]
Tier A: Best [Very Strong]
Tier B: Good [Strong]
Tier C: [Average]
Tier D: [Below-Average-Weak]
Tier E: [Weak]

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Huge HuntererLevel VI
Increases the odds of hatching shiny pets by +60%!
Super LightningLevel VII
Tapping has a chance to send bolts of super-charged lightning to nearby breakables!
Shiny HunterLevel VI
Increases the odds of hatching Active Huge Pets by 25%!
Chest MimicLevel VIII (Exclusive)Destroying a breakable can reveal a Mini Chest
FortuneLevel VI
Increase the coins you earn from breakables by 100% and diamonds by 40%
Chest BreakerLevel VI
Increases the damage you deal to chests by 200%!
Lucky BlockLevel VIII (Exclusive)Lucky Blocks may randomly appear in your zone!
Midas TouchLevel VI
Breakables have a chance of turning gold, making them worth 5x more!
Exotic PetLevel VI (Exotic)Increases the strength of your BEST pet by 150%!
SpeedLevel V (Mythical)Increases player and pet speed by 100%!
Tap PowerLevel V (Mythical)Increases your tap power by 400%!


Coins Lv5Diamonds
Lucky Egg
Magnet Lv3Tap Power
Fireworks Lv8TreasureLv5Criticals Lv4Lightning Lv5


Coins Lv4Diamonds
Speed Lv3Speed Lv5Strong Pets Lv5Tap Power Lv4Tap Power Lv3Tap Team


Coins Lv3Diamonds Lv3Lucky Eggs Lv2Strong Pets
Tap Power Lv3Treasure Lv3Tap Power Lv2Happy Pets


Coins Lv2Diamonds Lv2Lucky Eggs Lv1Strong Pets Lv3Tap Power Lv2Treasure Lv2Criticals Lv1


Coins Lv1Diamonds Lv1Lucky Eggs Lv4Lucky Eggs Lv3Lucky Eggs Lv2Lucky Eggs Lv1
Magnet Lv1Magnet Lv2Strong Pets Lv1Strong Pets Lv2Tap Power Lv1Treasure Lv1


This concludes our Tier List for Roblox Pet Simulator 99. If you have some recommendations for improvement, feel free to discuss these Lists and leave your comments in this article. We’d be more than happy to invite you to the discussion.

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