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Phantom Blade Executioners Tier List

Phantom Blade: Executioners is an ARPG with impeccable aesthetics. It’s also a gacha game in which you can collect different Phantoms to sync them with your skills. Here’s our ranked list of all Phantoms in the game.

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Phantom Blade Executioners Phantoms ranked

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Let’s look at our tier list of Phantoms in Phantom Blade: Executioners, ranked from best (S+ tier) to worst (C tier):

S+Regina Fatale, Mecha Emperor, Merciless White, Traversing One, Darkness Aroma, Demonic Soul
SFlight of Phoenix, Life Reaver, Evil Healer, Lethal Gaze, Deus Ex, Past Master, Rose of Thorns, Eternal Will, Lady Moon, Evil Punisher, Ruthless Black
AFallen Saint, Snake Eyes, Burning Fire, Unmelting Ice, Orphan’s Legacy, Hammer Smash!, Ironspawn, Deadly Hook, Virid Twinblade, Hiddensword, Rueful Mother, Tangs’ Outcast, Lone Blade
BCrazy Healer, Assistant, Zither Fiend, Mergeling, Researcher, Source of Wrath, Dhuta, Hussar, Vajra Protector, Cleaved Mountain, Sword Martyr
CMage, Bomber, Justice Spear, Staff Guard, Swordswoman, Thrower, Swordsman

S+ tier is reserved for the most powerful Phantoms that have unique aesthetics:

  • Regina Fatale: A mage for every situation, her Illusion Vortex gives a significant boost to your attacks and applies tons of debuffs to enemies.
  • Mecha Emperor: Ramps up your attack to godly levels, dealing special damage to bosses and elite enemies.
  • Merciless White: Another damage booster who provides better crits and massive damage.
  • Traversing One: Can be absorbed by your Phantom, immediately elevating them to level 60 and six fire.
  • Darkness Aroma: Provides a ward, boosting the damage, crits, and damage reduction of the entire party.
  • Demonic Soul: Unlocks Juggernaut upon possession and gives you three seconds of considerable damage boost.

The next, S-tier, has comparable perks to S+ but lacks unique aesthetics.

A-tier Phantoms are very useful in most situations, although they can’t measure up to the higher tiers, while B-tier will be your go-to option if you don’t have enough higher-tier Phantoms unlocked. Finally, C-tier phantoms should serve only as placeholders until you can sync someone better with a particular skill.

This concludes our tier list of Phantoms in Phantom Blade: Executioners. If you want more character ranking lists from other games, feel free to browse our Apps & Lists section. Otherwise, check out what’s going on in the world of gaming in our News section. And don’t forget to tell us about your favorite Phantoms—the Ruthless Black and Merciless White duo are among our top picks!


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Phantom Blade Executioners Tier List