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Guidus Tier List | The Best Characters

Guidus Tier List | The Best Characters
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Guidus is a delightful pixelated idle RPG where you embark on an exciting quest to rescue a twin Prince and Princess and save a kingdom from the abyss. To aid in your quest, Guidus offers a wide variety of heroes available at your disposal.

Guidus features well over 20 unique characters for you to play with. Each hero has their own pros and cons; for example, the Blood Mage offers decent crowd control, and Sylph is known for her DPS. Picking the right hero can be confusing, and we are here to help you with that! In this article, we have shared the Guidus tier list to inform you about the best and worst characters in the game.

Guidus Tier List

TierCharacter name
SQueen, Ice Wizard, Lightning Wizard, Shaman, Arcane Wizard
AQuby, Monk, Berserker, Pirate Captain, Samurai, Archer, Dark Stalker
BSpirit Swordsman, Sylph, Flame Wizard, Blood Mage, Thief, Dancer, Swordsman, Gunner, Elemental Master, Saja
CPoor, Locksmith, Soul Hunter, Dwarf, Ghoul

Let’s take a look at the S-tier characters in Guidus and understand their abilities:

1) Queen

Guidus - Queen
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Queen is among the top-tier DPS characters in Guidus. Her entire kit, including skills and level bonuses, is geared towards dealing more damage to enemies. Queen’s passive skill generates a petal every 28 seconds, and she can use these petals to lunge towards enemies, dealing 300% ATK damage. Additionally, her attack power is further boosted by level bonuses from 3, 4, and 5-star enhancements.

2) Ice Wizard

Guidus - Ice Wizard
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Ice Wizard is another excellent DPS character in Guidus. For players who don’t have access to Queen, Ice Wizard is a great alternative. His passive skills lower the Attack power but add even more extra damage to his ice blades. At level 5, Ice Wizard deals impressive damage against all enemies, particularly bosses.

3) Lightning Wizard

Guidus - Lightning Wizard
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Wizards are nothing to scoff at, as all wizards deal a ridiculous amount of DPS. The Lightning Wizard is packed with both DPS and CC capabilities. This character releases bolts of electricity in an area of effect, hitting multiple targets at once. When played in the right conditions, there’s no level difficult enough for the Lightning Wizard.

4) Shaman

Guidus - Shaman
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

Characters like the Shaman, who have no passive skills, are often underrated by players in Guidus. Even though the Shaman lacks passive skills, it possesses a powerful active skill that gives you a 60% chance to activate an already used temple again. It’s a hit or miss, but consider playing the Shaman if your luck is good.

5) Arcane Wizard

Guidus - Arcane Wizard
Screenshot by Touch Tap Play

The final wizard of our S-tier is Arcane Wizard. It has everything you need to beat enemies. Whether its splash damage or crowd control or fast travelling, Arcane Wizard’s kit takes care of it all. Arcane Wizard’s passive skill combined with active skill creates bombs to deal AOE damage. The only downside is that the movement speed buff comes with Arcane Wizard’s level 4 and 5.

To learn how to properly play the game, you should also read our Guidus tips and tricks – they’re sure to give you a head start in the game! Otherwise, check out our other tier lists!

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Guidus Tier List | The Best Characters