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Grand Cross: Age of Titans Tier List

Grand Cross: Age of Titans Tier List
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Skyna is calling, and heroes from another dimension must answer the call! Grand Cross: Age of Titans is an isekai-style real-time strategy game that ponders the question: What if the protagonist is a gamer who is very familiar with these kinds of mobile games?

Grand Cross: Age of Titans is part kingdom builder and part strategy game. You’ll send troops out led by heroes from across the land, each with their own unique strengths. There are quite a few heroes, and we’ll show you the ones that are worth investing in with our Grand Cross: Age of Titans tier list.

Tier list of the best heroes to use in Grand Cross: Age of Titans

As always, please remember that this tier list is not the end-all, be-all tier list for Grand Cross: Age of Titans. The game is fairly new, and as such, many of the characters on this list are going to be shifted around once players discover the meta. We’ll list the heroes that we’ve had the most success with thus far.

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S tier heroes

These heroes are strong in just about any content, whether that’s clearing out enemies on the world map or taking on the Chaos Territory within your kingdom.

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ArthurBoasting outrageous AoE and single-target damage, Arthur is easily the strongest hero in the game right now. On top of dealing high damage, Arthur can empower Infantry units and also reduce incoming skill damage, making him equally tanky.
MellibeeSimilar to Arthur, Mellibee is packing huge AoE damage that also temporarily boosts her basic attack damage. She empowers Archers and Bombers and can deal extra damage to shielded units, making her great and breaking through hard defenses.

A tier and below heroes

AFreyja, Jeannette, Haemosu
BClaudia, Helga, Kalope, Ivan, Isaac, Jangseung
SituationalBeli-Mawr, Beom, Korvo, Erdel, Actaus, Valkyrie, Angus, Elian, Natalie, Sophia, Larie, Lulu, Kaya, Mooa, Helena, Fynn

As you can see here, most of the heroes in Grand Cross: Age of Titans are viable in some manner, not including the ones that aren’t listed here. Before you write off a hero, take note of what they specialize in. Some heroes are better at gathering resources from the world map, whereas some are good at taking out world map enemies.

As such, almost every single hero has a use. The A and B-tier heroes are generally strong and can be used in just about any content, whereas the situational heroes excel the most in very specific scenarios. Be sure to read up on the hero’s skills and apply them in appropriate places.

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Grand Cross: Age of Titans Tier List