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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List & Best Characters

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List & Best Characters
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Dragonheir: Silent Gods is a high-fantasy RPG inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons universe. This game has tons of heroes to choose from, so let us show you the cream of the crop in our Dragonheir: Silent Gods tier list & best characters guide.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Best Characters


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Nastjenka is one of the strongest attackers for long, drawn-out fights. Black Plume increases her attack speed and crit rate every 3 seconds and lasts until the fight is over. Talon and Wild Beak deal high lightning damage to foes, and Wild Beak gets even stronger when paired with other Dauntless heroes.


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Thelendor deals insane amounts of radiant damage, as long as he has the Rally buff. His passive, General Under the Moon, is very important as it allows Thelendor to ignore 20% of enemy defense when he’s got Rally. Lunar Arrival is a general AoE attack, whereas Lunar Retribution just hits random enemies, no matter where they are, and both attacks are empowered by Rally.


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Donella is one of the best supports in the game, thanks to extreme amount of utility. Attractive Friend can prevent enemy targets from healing, Blissful Vertigo can stun enemies, and Perfect Match hits all enemies on the field with a high chance of reducing their accuracy and attack.


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Hvitar is an oppressive frost character that excels at enfeebling enemies. As soon as the battle starts, Frigid Deadland inflicts all enemies with frost for 15 seconds, no matter their position. The frost deals derivative cold damage over time, and any non-boss enemy that falls below 15% HP is instantly executed. Should enemies survive the initial blizzard, Breath of Frost can call upon the icewind weather once more for 15 seconds. Ice Storm can pick off any stragglers, if need be.


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Lossenia is the queen of inflicting frost. Cryomancy makes her basic attacks bounce between enemies with a high chance of inflicting frost. Snowfall Blessing buffs an ally that makes them deal cold damage to nearby enemies, inflicting frost at the same time. Lastly, Call of Blizzard is an AoE tornado that deals cold damage and inflicts frost. She pairs very well with other frost heroes, like Trolgar.


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Lucien is a tanky front-liner that excels at interrupting and shutting down key targets. Oath of Dawn renders the entire team control immune for the first 10 seconds of the fight while shielding them. Silverwing Charge targets the enemy with the highest ultimate charge and has a high chance of freezing them, and Frostdoom can inflicts recharging speed penalty on foes.


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Trolgar deals excellent damage to frosted enemies. Body of Chill empowers his basic attacks against frosted enemies. Arctic Axe targets the enemy with the lowest HP and grants ultimate energy to Trolgar if the enemy is frosted. Winter’s Vengeance deals AoE cold damage and ignores 20% defense against frosted enemies. Pair him with other frost heroes to really bring on the pain!


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The only epic hero on the best characters list, but makes up for it with excellent utility. Voresh is a support hero that, while basic, is incredibly strong in almost any situation. Breath of Ice heals the ally with the lowest HP whenever he deals damage. Glacial Blow deals single-target cold damage while possibly dispelling a buff. Glacial Curse deals cold damage to all enemies on the field with a high chance of preventing them from gaining buffs.


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Lelwanis is a powerful necromancer, as her passive, Dragon God’s Lineage, grants her stacks of Dragon Blood that boost her attack and crit damage for every dead target on the field. This passive can max out, and it empowers her other moves.

Lady of Dark Ruins deals AoE necrotic damage and summons two undead units, and maxed Dragon Blood makes it deal extra necrotic damage. Dragon of Death immediately sacrifices all summoned undead units to deal damage to all enemies on the field, with Dragon Blood adding bonus damage.


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Premtsa is another powerful necromancer. Tireless Devotion makes all ally summoned undead units to deal nearby derivative necrotic damage to nearby enemies. Undead Puppet summons three spirits that continue to attack enemies even after dying. Myriad Descendants deals necrotic damage to all enemies on the field, and also makes all summoned undead units explode without dying, dealing AoE damage.


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Ghul’ende is a support hero with a dark twist. Disorder makes his skills have a chance to charm and reduce their healing by 50% on targets at half HP. If the charm fails, Disorder instead reduces enemy accuracy. Siphon stuns and deals necrotic damage while stealing their ultimate energy. Start Over deals necrotic damage to all enemies on the field and has a high chance to reduce their attack, while also removing ally debuffs and healing them.

If you’re aiming to get as many legendary heroes as possible, you’re going to need lots of resources, so be sure to check out our Dragonheir: Silent Gods code list for some free prize codes.

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List

SNastjenka, Thelendor, Donella, Hvitar, Lossenia, Lucien, Trolgar, Lelwanis, Premtsa, Ghul’ende, Voresh
AMain Character (Fire), Flora, Khrysos, Felicity, Huldork, Rhash, Caspar, Lothair, Jathalea, Vicana, Durango, Ergander, Reytha, Twitch, Garett, Tamar, Sutha, Philto, Lorentheel, Huberg, Acilia, Alton, Auster, Hochadir, Scharlach, Gaiolere, Ripekas, Dane, Alfie, Frurbath, Vicuc, Gitouna, Gardrus, Rava, Zhar’loth, Sigrid, Usha
BMain Character (Ice), Errich, Journ, Oggok, Ivellios, Grishnaar, Tharivol, Zeffi, Gillian, Mithrasea, Sagomir, Eurion, Vinyara, Felosia, Elecebre, Drizzt, Utior, Torrin, Irzillas, Berengar, Tonalnan, Isolde, Adolphus, Holas, Eches, Corrin, Sifris, Shink, Theodore, Shagrol, Schaltar, Iola, Thurnus, Naguk, Nimbus, Hegio, Martina, Garius, Catherine, Duling, Gruum, Dorkuraz, Rowena, Rava, Olgan, Questa, Isitarian, Deverick, Loraii, Eli, Heksandra, Irina, Rephe, Tioh, Eleuia, Vasska
CMain Character (Lightning), Garrika, Talwer, Bionphray, Brody, Rephe, Fihrah, Liko, Gareth, Garian, Ihuicatl, Clovis, Nessa, Vidimir, Lethander, Dallbam, Zadok, Thia, Irma, Gladros, Livia, Bronwyn, Dubok, Zadie, Gloin, Yamyra, Jijel, Noteera, Altin, Letalis, Vani, Enna, Grover, Dora, Fizzle, Gerana, Haug, Wellby, Mulier, Arlow, Broll, Evania, Caledo, Quarion, Kailes, Berrik, Dain, Wilt, Gulal, Loris, Zethos, Vojeh, Korth, Meggan, Fitz, Ulora, Edgar, Merideth
DLydia, Volthug, Kamari, Tathlyn, Alvis, Soveliess, Pargu, Elvis, Joyce, Estella, Nedda, Thea, Dench, Immeral, Yagnatz, Altair, Sallyanne, Awstin, Forbrit, Gusni, Adrie, Whitacre, Vicuz, Doraud, Dillon, Sailla, Tauricen, Cato, Herkert, Urzog, Olaf

Tips for Choosing Characters in Dragonheir: Silent Gods

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is one of those games where the tier list isn’t as important as you think it is. In this game, team composition is the most important factor to keep in mind when it comes to getting through the modes. The strengths of each hero are so vastly different for the each of the game’s modes, so experimenting with what you got is the key to victory.

Most legendary heroes are useful for just about any mode because their skill sets are all-purpose, which is why most of them are in the S-tier. Obviously, the legendary heroes are harder to get, so it’s perfectly fine to work with the heroes you have. Many heroes can be weak in one mode but really good in another, so don’t count them out just yet. If you’re having trouble, try out different heroes and see what works the best.

That concludes our Dragonheir: Silent Gods tier list. What you think of the list? Do you think a certain hero should be in a different spot? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dragonheir: Silent Gods Tier List & Best Characters