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Cyber Rebellion Tier List & Best Characters

Cyber Rebellion Tier List & Best Characters
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Cyber Rebellion is a cyberpunk and anime-themed turn-based RPG, featuring characters wielding cybernetic prosthetics as their main abilities. There’s lots of characters to choose from, and we’ll show you the best of the best in our Cyber Rebellion tier list.

Cyber Rebellion S-Tier Characters

Catherine – Dirty Gold

Image via Neocraft Limited

Catherine – Dirty Gold is a support-type Combatant that can severely cripple the enemy team. Friendly Cooperation inflicts two stacks of armor debuff, and Favorable Contract steals an enemy’s ATK power and transfers it to the strongest ally, making them even stronger. Invisible Hand effectively mind controls and silences an enemy unit, temporarily making them an ally.

With so much buffing and utility potential, it’s no surprise that Dirty Gold is often referred to as one of the best Combatants in the entire game.

Taki – Seiryu

Image via Neocraft Limited

Taki – Seiryu is a destroyer-type Combatant that can deal massive critical damage, and revive himself upon death. Flash deals strong damage to a single-target while buffing his next attack. Dragon Formation grants a buff called Formation, which gives CRIT+30 to himself and CRIT+15 to the party. Use it again to achieve Overclocking, which gives Formation an unlimited duration.

With some time, Seiryu can setup to deal insane damage. Use Dragon Formation first to get the CRIT buff, then use Flash for the ATK buff, then unleash Dragon Roar, an AoE attack that deals incredible damage.

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Saki – Suzaku

Image via Neocraft Limited

Saki – Suzaku is an assault-type Combatant with powerful single-target damage. Searing Arrow deals damage and inflicts burn on an enemy, and Hail of Arrows attacks all enemies with a chance to inflict burn. Falcon Spike deals massive single-target damage, with bonus damage added equal to the amount of Falcon Strike stacks she has.

Both Hail of Arrows and Falcon Spike are empowered depending on the amount of Falcon Strike stacks Suzaku has. Thanks to huge single-target damage potential and her relatively ease of acquiring, Suzaku is a great assault Combatant to get early on.

Leyva – Starring Diva

Image via Neocraft Limited

Leyva – Starring Diva is a support-type Combatant with bountiful healing abilities. Hot Dance is her single-target heal, whereas Bouncing Melody is her group heal, which also cleanses a single debuff off each target. Dazzling Taps heals a single ally while granting them Shelter, a buff that automatically revives the ally if they die.

An unchecked Leyva is especially dangerous in PvP, as if not dealt with, she can single-handedly keep the entire team alive thanks to her powerful healing. She’s easily the best healer in the game.

Candido – Iron Fist

Image via Neocraft Limited

Candido – Iron Fist is a tank-type Combatant with strong defensive capabilities. Struggling Sting deals single-target damage and shields Iron Fist equal to 20% of his max HP. Stun Gyration is a guaranteed stun on one enemy, and you know how important crowd control abilities are in this game. Iron Wall grants a big shield to the entire party, with the most wounded allies getting a stronger shield.

Iron Fist is probably the best tank in the game right now, armed with lots of shields and a single crowd control ability, making him very useful in just about any mode.

Cyber Rebellion A-Tier and Below Characters

AEric (Death Eye), Candido (Burst Boxer) Rik (Gunblade, The New Order, Skytrooper), Leyva (Ghost, Zealody, Neuromancer, Pixel Beats), Amy (Foamy Sweet Dream), Frost (Omen, Vanguard, Fortress), Saki (Byakko, Zangetsu, Arashi Kiru, Sakuragari), Lindsay (Metal Panic!, Speed to Burn, Ambilight), Pastoral (Data Hub, Hound of Doom, Plague Huntress), Seer (Oracle), Noam (Ember in Ashes)
BLindsay (Aquila, Vermillion Dawn), Morgan (Vicious Rose), Rosa (Matrix Runner), Candido (Duke Silver, Barrage Fortress)
CRik (Raiden, Alpha Wolf) Victor (Prosthetic Doctor)

Tips for Choosing Characters in Cyber Rebellion

If there’s one thing we want you to take away from this list, it’s that individual Combatant strength isn’t as important as team composition. You probably noticed that there aren’t many Combatants in Cyber Rebellion that are really underpowered, and because of this, there’s a greater emphasis on putting a good party together rather than relying on the raw strength of a few individuals.

Even if you don’t have the S-Tier Combatants we listed above, you can probably still make a viable team by working with whatever you’ve got. At the very least, you’ll be able to progress through the campaign at a relatively normal pace.

When you’re choosing who to place on your team, try to work around team synergies and crowd control. Combatants that work off each other do well in teams, and Combatants with strong crowd controlling abilities are always helpful.

We hope this tier list helps you build your own team in Cyber Rebellion. Think another Combatant should be placed differently? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cyber Rebellion Tier List & Best Characters