Cookie Run: Ovenbreak from Devsisters is an endless runner game where players control cute and speedy cookie characters. Thanks to its multiple modes and amazing host of cookies to unlock and use, it has continued to be popular since its release in 2009. The side-scrolling platform game now has a total of 140 cookies to unlock and play! Check out the extensive list below and pick your favorite!

Every Character Currently in Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Adventurer CookieEpicBackpacky
Alchemist CookieRareEnergy Scales
Almond CookieEpicConstable Whiskers
Aloe CookieEpicA.L.O.E Drone
Ananas Dragon CookieLegendaryPineapplemur
Angel CookieRareCelestial Star
Apple CookieEpicApple Rabbit
Avocado CookieEpicAvocatapult
Banana CookieEpicBanana Lion
Beet CookieEpicBeetster
Bell Pepper CookieEpicP3P-PO
Bellflower CookieEpicPlayful Herbert
Birthday Cake CookieEpicParty Balloon
Blackberry CookieEpicGhost Butler
Blueberry Pie CookieEpicAntique Bookmark
Butter Pretzel CookieEpicPetit Conté
Captain Ice CookieEpicBoatswain Anchor
Carol CookieEpicYule Log Cake
Carrot CookieEpicCarrot Cake Rabbit
Cheerleader CookieRareGlitter Ball
Cheesecake CookieRareFluffy Cheese Cat
Cherry Blossom CookieEpicTea Cup
Cherry CookieRareRocket Firecracker
Chess Choco CookieEpicNougat Knight
Chestnut CookieEpicSpiky
Chili Pepper CookieEpicBad Pepper
Chocolate Bonbon CookieEpicBonbon Birdy
Churro CookieEpicChurro Stump
Cinnamon CookieEpic Cinnamon Bunny
Cocoa CookieEpicMarshmallow Hamster
CookiedroidSpecialPlay Block
CookiemalsEpicPure Cream
Cotton Candy CookieEpic Cotton Candy Bird
Cream Puff CookieEpicOwlcorn
Cream Unicorn CookieEpicMeringue Horn
Croissant CookieEpicCosmos Gear
Cyborg CookieEpicBB Battery
Dark Choco CookieEpicDark Spirit Helmet
Dark Enchantress CookieLegendaryEternal Eye of Darkness
Devil CookieRareFlame Bat
Dino Sour CookieEpicDino Egg
DJ CookieEpicRave Machine
Dr. Wasabi CookieEpicOcto Wasabi
Earl Grey CookieEpicCrying Saucer
Fairy CookieEpicFlower Pod
Fig CookieEpicFruit Doe
Fire Spirit CookieLegendaryN/A
Firecracker CookieEpicSuper PEWPEW!
General Jujube CookieEpicUncooling Teacup
GingerBraveCommonChoco Drop
GingerBrightCommonCheese Drop
Ginseng CookieEpicRooty
Goblin CookieEpicGobbie Gobblin’ Chest
Grapefruit CookieEpicJuice Tumbler
Gumball CookieRareMini Jackson No.2
Herb CookieEpicHerb Teapot
Hero CookieEpicJellyco Cube
Hydrangea CookieEpicFloral Froglet
Ice Candy CookieEpicPower Candy Tin
Ice Juggler CookieEpicSpectacular Sunday Cup
Ion Cookie RobotEpicB3-4R
Kiwi CookieEpicKiwi Bird
Knight CookieRareDragon’s Tail
Kumiho CookieEpicFox Bead
Leek CookieEpicElder Bamboo
Lemon CookieEpicElectro Lemon
Licorice CookieEpicBat-Cat
Lilac CookieEpicTranquil Bloom
Lime CookieEpicMr.Limeguard
Lobster CookieEpicEerie Anglerfish
Lotus Dragon CookieLegendaryLotus Polliwog
Macaron CookieEpicCastanets
Mala Sauce Cookie EpicHot Pot Buckler
Mango CookieEpicMango Toucan
Marshmallow CookieEpicDiscordeon
Matcha CookieEpicGreen Tea Bag
Melon Bun CookieEpicProspector Moley
Milk CookieEpicMilk Angel
Millennial Tree CookieLegendaryN/A
Mint Choco CookieEpicMr. Fa-Sol-La-Si
Mocha Ray CookieEpicLantern Jellyfish
Moon Rabbit CookieEpicMoon Mortar
Moonlight CookieLegendaryDreamcatcher
Muscle CookieRareDumbbell Twins
Mustard CookieEpicHot Doggie
Ninja CookieRareLittle Ghost
Onion CookieEpicOnion Fish
Orange CookieEpicMini Orange Mouse
Pancake CookieEpicPancake Frisbee
Peach CookieEpicPanda Dumpling
Peppermint CookieEpicPaper Boat Sailor
Pilot CookieRareCloud Pelican
Pink Choco CookieEpicPink Candy
Pirate CookieEpicGiggle Bomb
Pistachio CookieRarePistachio Firefly
Pitaya Dragon CookieLegendaryDragon Fruitling
Plum CookieEpicMaster Prune
Pomegranate CookieEpicRuby Pomegranate
Popcorn CookieEpicPicky Tomato
Popping Candy CookieEpicAngel Lightstick
Princess CookieRarePrincess’s Locket
Prophet CookieEpicPurple Candle
Pudding CookieEpicJingle Deer
Purple Yam CookieEpicFirestarter
Raspberry Mousse CookieEpicPoodleberry
Red Bean CookieEpicSweet Rice Seal
Red Pepper CookieEpicPaprika Punching Bag
Rockstar CookieRareSpotlight Fan
Roguefort CookieEpicLord Crumbles III
Roll Cake CookieEpicLight Bros
Rose CookieEpicCarmine Rose
Salt CookieEpicLifesaver
Sandwich CookieEpicCutecumber Sandwich
Sea Fairy CookieLegendaryFrozen Wave Drop
Shining Glitter CookieEpicProducer Mic
Skater CookieCommonLucky Dice Bros
Skating Queen CookieEpicSnow Blossom
Snow Sugar CookieEpicSnow Globe
Soda CookieRareLemon Slice
Sorbet Shark CookieEpicHelmsman Will
Sour Belt CookieEpicPterosatchel
Space DoughnutEpicSpace Mini Ball
Sparkling CookieEpicBow Tie Bottle
Spinach CookieEpicCaterpea
Squid Ink CookieEpicInktopus
Starfruit CookieEpicSleepy Sheepy
Strawberry CookieCommonPocket Strawberry
Tiger Lily CookieEpicMeat King
Timekeeper CookieLegendaryCosmos Gear
Truffle CookieEpicSilkweave Cocoon
Vampire CookieRareOak Barrel
Walnut CookieEpicJunior Sleuth Ted
Werewolf CookieEpicFurball Pup
Whipped Cream CookieEpicRosette
White Choco CookieEpicPocket Watch Referee
Wind Archer CookieLegendaryN/A
Wizard CookieEpicBook of Wisdom
Yoga CookieEpicSpeaker Sandwich
Yoghurt Cream CookieEpicMagic Lamp
Zombie CookieRareBrain Gum

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Two special additions have not been included in the above list as they are no longer available to unlock. Hello Kitty and Mimmy were available as part of a special event in 2018, but are no longer obtainable. Hello Kitty came with her pet Red Apple, and Mimmy came with Yellow Flower. Players who unlocked the special pair during the event in 2018 are still able to play with them, but they are no longer obtainable for new players.

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